The Abbey Habit

Oct 31, 2013 by

An exciting week in tv betting land with the Ladbrokes odds compiler having some sort of breakdown in releasing stunningly generous...

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Lies, Damn Lies & Sadisti...

Oct 26, 2013 by

Some truly remarkable deceit by the judges this evening even by XF standards. These are multi-millionaires being paid hundreds of...

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Taxi for Abi?

Oct 25, 2013 by

There are a few too many imponderables to commit big time to anything pre-live show on X Factor this week. Miss Dynamix will be...

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Ash to Ashes?

Oct 24, 2013 by

There are 2 clear trends emerging in this season of Strictly. One: the lengths they are going to to keep a lid on Ashley’s...

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Abi Under Threat

Oct 20, 2013 by

Who said tv betting is dull? It was a night for cool heads, and frantic re-jigging of market positions, on news Miss Dynamix would...

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