A Dynamite Bet

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Three new housemates landed in the Big Brother garden on Friday in a fake spaceship and their arrival was followed by more rowing between John James and Josie. This last series of Big Brother is one in which the main contenders are slowly imploding through paranoia and cabin fever brought on by their incarceration.
Mario can be uncomfortably flirtatious, Dave is too high on his love of God, Ben is enormously funny but isn’t a team player and can be a shade too bitchy, Steve simply doesn’t offer enough, while there is a slightly unhinged air about Josie and John James’s banter – their playful cackles conjuring images of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady shooting the breeze in a Manchester pub circa 1963.
Corin is a sweetheart, and one to keep green, but possibly too grating in her repetitious use of ‘like’. Meanwhile, new arrival, 19-year-old Oxford student Andrew, is slightly geeky – which is a potentially charming quality in itself – especially when backed by natural warmth, a laid back charm and a self-deprecating wit he possesses in spades. He is already standing out in this field despite only being in the house for 3 days. He also has an uncanny resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite which can be no bad thing, as it’s impossible to recall uber-geek Napoleon without a smile forming on your face:

Punters have already piled in at the fancy prices of 25-1 initially quoted. We still recommend backing Andrew at 10-1 with Ladbrokes each-way, and to be Top Male at a best-priced 11-2 with Boylesports.
Rachel and Keeley are much of a muchness. Keeley didn’t endear herself to the HMs initially but since then she has started to engage rather well and is probably a shade over-priced at a generally available 40-1, and 20-1 with bet365 to be Top Female. She is worth a small investment in the hope of an easy lay when she trades shorter.
Rob Furber

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