Corin Shining Brighter By The Day

Jul 19, 2010 by

Following our advice to snap up the 10-1 Andrew and 11-2 to be Top Male he has been backed into as short as 7-2 on the Outright. While he trades bigger on Betfair the window is there to lay now and lock in a profit which we would advise.
Andrew is still a runner but at this stage he falls short and needs to ignite as a character some more, probably via a combination of humour and painting himself as a lovable underdog.
The one HM that ticks most boxes as of now – and being such a level-headed individual it’s hard to see her imploding – is Corin.
We suggest taking the generally available 7-1 as we can only see her price going one way from now until the end of the series. Big Brother is invariably won by the nicest HM, and this year’s nicest HM is indisputably Corin.
Beneath the slap, the limited vocab and the fake chest lies a kind-hearted, trusting, sweet, easy-going, genuine person who can naturally be incredibly funny. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, can be self-deprecating – which is an enormous plus point – tries her hardest with every task, and is absolutely ‘lovin’ it’ in the BB house.
If anyone takes the p*ss out of her from this point on they are surely going to face the wrath of viewers as she has firmly established herself as a non game-playing, thoroughly decent HM and observing the histrionics of other HMs such as Caoimhe, Josie and JJ she grows sounder by the day.
Her duet last night with Ben was probably one of the most endearing moments of the series and sparked memories of Verne Troyer and Ulrika Johnson singing ‘Endless Love’ in CBB.
We would also advise taking the 5-2 for Corin to be Top Female with William Hill.
Rob Furber

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