Red Hot Sam Pepper

Aug 2, 2010 by

Sam Pepper is stirring things up a treat in the BB house and is already polarising opinion massively on the forums, building a cult following for winding up Josie and probing her and John James on their ‘show-mance’.
He has clearly been briefed by the producers and he has so far played a blinder. He refuses to back down in putting his point across, remains articulate under pressure, while the cracks are starting to show in others.
It’s asking a lot for him to win the show but he is undoubtedly an HM you want to get on side in your book, as we expect to see his odds shorten this week, offering a good trading opportunity.
We recommend snapping up the 20-1 e/w with Ladbrokes, and would not be surprised to see him go shorter than Andrew in the Outright betting soon. He could easily end up trading at half those odds, as Sam will be kept in by producers for as long as possible, making him look a likely finalist, and giving him a sporting chance of finishing in the top three.
Rob Furber

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