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Aug 29, 2010 by

Ultimate Big Brother is now in full swing and the market has decided Brian Dowling will win, currently a best-priced 6-5 in the high street. He’s leading the significant online polls and many think he is an impregnable favourite.
He may well win but we think there are sound reasons to oppose him at such a short price not least the fact his massive ego, conceit, and love of his own voice have really started to grate.
He is enormously self-aware, craves camera time, is on hand whenever there’s any drama, saying the right things, and is always looking to out-humour everyone else. He knows the game, thinks he’s got what it takes to win, and is essentially completely transparent and contrived in everything he says and does in there.
We’ll freely admit the general public aren’t quite as cynical as us, and are certainly more easily pleased, but there is still a reasonable chance they will tire of Brian after another week or so and his popularity could start to dwindle if another housemate can build some momentum.
One HM who looks to have this potential is Victor, whose observations of the house have been completely on the money as he has watched proceedings from the bedsit, and he has Brian completely sussed.
So at 12-1 ew with Ladbrokes, Victor has to be the value bet at this stage.
If you’re looking for a win bet, compared to Brian we much prefer the price (7-2) and credentials of Chantelle, a straightforwardly sweet, genuine, honest, innocent and kind person with no agenda (unlike Brian). But as a one-dimensional character she will likely need something dramatic to develop on the Preston front for her to push on to outright victory.
Rob Furber

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