Who Goes, The Edit Decides (probably)

Jul 30, 2010 by

It’s a 4-way shoot-out tonight on Big Brother, but really it appears a 2-housemate contest – Andrew and John James looking pretty safe and one of either Dave or Ben most likely to be evicted.
Dave was initially installed at 2-5 to go, before a massive gamble on Ben saw a flip-flop, with Ben now trading at a best-priced 4-6.
On Betfair Dave touched around 4-1 and has since been steadily backed in, while Ben has eased, at time of writing trading at 1.71 (around 5-7).
Ben has built a healthy fanbase and shrewd fans of his will be ringing up to evict Dave, whereas Dave is a more neutral figure.
It’s complicated by a good few John James fans likely to be voting Ben out, but you sense the show would want to keep such an interesting housemate as Ben in, if it can. And this is revealed by the editing.
Tonight’s edit shows Dave in a poor light when he comes out with the line, ‘Makeup. Helping ugly women get hooked up for centuries.’
Last night’s edit was non too flattering for Dave either when he got stuck in to Rachel when she messed up with the task.
It’ll be tight but given the above, and looking at the respective odds, we recommend taking the 6-4 with Betfred and William Hill, the house waves goodbye to preacher man Dave.
It is also worth backing Ben at 25-1 on the Outright each-way with Ladbrokes because if he survives, those odds will look huge and offer an easy trade on Betfair when he shortens.
Rob Furber

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