Late Draw Holds The BGT Key

Jun 5, 2010 by

Apologies for the lack of BGT posts during the semi-finals this week but they have simply been impossible to call until the night of the show. Running order is absolutely pivotal as is the exaggerated responses of the judges in trying to dictate the public vote.
Some acts have been positioned and commented out of the show whereas others have been supported more fiercely than David Cameron pre-General Election by the right wing press. In this week’s semi-finals we have seen the reality propaganda machine well and truly in action with the likes of Kieran Gaffney and Janey Cutler ramped to high heaven.
All we can advise is, trade as soon as the final running order is known. The top 3 last year were the last 3 drawn on the night. Rest assured, the acts Cowell is really keen to win are likely to figure late.
We are still against Spellbound. It is hard to imagine the show wanting another dance crew to win even if they are more gymnastic in nature. And over the course of this week it has got increasingly tiresome to watch dance routines. It’s another golden rule of these shows that the act that starts brilliantly rarely if ever finishes first – think Danyl Johnson and Susan Boyle. Of course, laying should be put on hold if they turn out to be the last act on.
It is also not impossible for an act that finished runner-up in its semi-final to win the final. SuBo beat Diversity in the semi last year only for Diversity to reverse the result in the final.
While there was a remarkable outpouring of panel support for Kieran Gaffney last night, a kid on drums surely cannot inspire the British public to vote for him enough to win the final.
We would expect to see Janey Cutler perform among the last three acts. It was noticeable on Twitter that she received one of the biggest and most positive responses of the week and with a late draw, Scotland and the judges behind her she is likely to go close to winning.
Paul Burling and Tina and Chandi could figure late – as they appear two more panel favourites – or maybe Cowell is going to throw in an extra twist and drop a Twist and Pulse, Liam McNally or a Connected into the final 3 – certainly the latter were another act to receive glowing praise for an extremely average vocal performance.
Having advised Janey already at 16-1 ew, we will be rooting for her big time and very much hope to see her with a late draw. If it all falls into place for her, she could win easily courtesy of a landslide of goodwill. But equally an early draw could scupper her chances in the blink of an eye.
As soon as the running order is revealed we would advise backing the last three acts at the best odds you can find.
Other than that, if Spellbound are drawn early on the night, we would recommend that you lay, lay and lay again.
Rob Furber

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