It’s Up For Grabs Now

Jan 24, 2010 by

It’s now a vote to win and this has to be the most keenly-contested, wide open and tricky to call Celebrity Big Brother in years.
The edit through until final night next Friday will be critical, so caution is advised because we are largely at the whim of the producers.
On the back of two entertaining Tree Of Temptation challenges Dane Bowers has leapt into favouritism. He’s a very bland individual, likeable enough, but his current odds of around 2-1 seem ridiculously short and unjustified.
Vinnie Jones, meanwhile, appears to have dug his own grave. He has drifted out to 3-1 and will likely go bigger yet as his true nature, and highly unpleasant character, continue to be exposed, while Nicola T has also come in for support as she has really started to blossom.
It is worth noting that Vinnie, Steph and Ivana should all get challenges from the Tree this week which could provide momentum, more likely for the latter two, because Vinnie’s Diary Room antics, and subsequent behaviour in the house, leaves us finding it increasingly difficult to envisage how he can possibly win.
The two HMs polling lowest will be evicted on Wednesday night. At time of writing it looks like Ivana will be next out but some good coverage for her between now and Wednesday could even propel her into the final five.
Alex is looking solid to make the final 5, more so because Vinnie keeps getting his digs in and he is rising above him extremely well.
The upset now would be a Steph or Jonas win. One of these two appears most likely to be departing on Wednesday with Ivana, but it’s not inconceivable both survive.
Come next Friday we reckon the impetus behind Dane could be seriously flagging so if you are looking to hedge on the green positions we have given you on Nicola T and Alex, a better way to proceed is to take the 12s and 14s available on Steph and Jonas on the Outright. We’d also suggest topping up on Alex at 8s on the Outright and 11-2 to be Top Male.
Rob Furber

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