K.O. For Bercow

Aug 25, 2011 by

It’s the first eviction tomorrow in Celeb BB and we think Sally Bercow is a near certainty to be departing.
We would have expected her to be trading at between 1-3 and 1-4 at this stage, so 4-7 with Stan James looks great value.
The key factor that makes Bercow look like something of a good thing to go, is that this is a vote to save, not the usual vote to evict. Bobby is either the villain or the hero depending on how you view z-list detritus like Katona and Childs, as he has brought the house to life by speaking out against them.
In a vote to evict, he would be looking extremely vulnerable, but his outspoken and entertaining views have cast him as something of an anti-hero and you would expect a lot of viewers to have felt compelled to pick up the phone to save him. Add in the teen girls who will vote for him purely because he is eye candy and he looks as safe as houses.
Katona has her die-hard fan base of Chat readers among female viewers so again, she looks guaranteed to get a healthy phone vote. The same cannot be said for Bercow who is too neutral a character. She does not inspire a following, her political background is a big turn off, and it’s hard to see where her votes will be coming from.
In Outright betting Jedward have contracted to 9-4 since our last post recommending backing them at 3s. The market thinks Katona is their only danger but we reckon there is still time for a journey contestant to emerge. We thought this might be Tara Reid who comes across as emotionally honest, genuine and compassionate. But she will require something extra special to challenge tabloid favourites Katona and Childs – which equates to the Daily Star which equates to Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond.

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