KK To Be KO’ed

Feb 10, 2011 by

Apologies for the lack of DOI posts. It’s largely a show you need to watch live before deciding who is most likely to be eliminated, and there’s rarely any stand-out value these days pre-show.
This week we will make an exception. We recommend taking the widely-available 5-2 Kerry Katona to be next eliminated on Sunday night.
She got a very sympathetic edit last week, bringing her kids along to her training session, and her partner Dan telling her, ‘Don’t give up on you’. This sort of co-ordinated, heart-tugging drivel works a treat on the voters at home and undoubtedly helped her escape the bottom 2. It seems unlikely to us she can pull it off two weeks running and the bottom line is, she is the weakest skater left in the competition. And when the public see a decent skater like Jen Metcalfe bite the bullet this increases their reticence to support an also ran like Katona.
There is also a simple case to be made for the others perceived at risk. Dave Vitty clearly has a very loyal following courtesy of the Moyles show on Radio 1 as he skated extremely unforgettably last week but still escaped the bottom 2. And Denise can rely on the older female vote courtesy of her Loose Women fans. Vanilla Ice should get a bounce and a judges’ ramp after his shock appearance in the bottom 2, while Johnson is reportedly going great guns in the public vote, according to the Daily Star, which has a track record for getting its vote leaks correct. Jeff put in a much improved skate last week and looks like he has re-energised his fan base, which leaves Chloe, Laura and Sam who are regularly the 3 top scorers. Basically, if Katona ends up in the bottom 2 she is sunk, and we doubt her support is strong enough for her to escape again.
Rob Furber

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