Sharron In Jeopardy

Feb 12, 2010 by

Sharron In Jeopardy

Heather Mills departure provided a nice 5-1 return last week and Dr Hilary, as predicted, survived another week – hope you were able to lay him.
It’s starting to get very interesting on the elimination front because there’s no reason to believe Dr Hilary’s fan base will suddenly wilt and he should escape the bottom 2 again. It is worth remembering that last week he was adrift at the foot of the leaderboard and still managed to leapfrog others, so he’s probably polling among the top 2 or 3, and this Sunday it’s a Valentine’s Day theme so he is sure to have his loyal female fans swooning after a romantic routine.
We reckon Emily Atack has built a loyal band of followers and is likely to escape the bottom 2 also, and Mikey Graham is another public favourite and should improve on last week’s poor score.
Betting movements on Betfair put a question mark alongside the level of support Gary Lucy and Daniella Westbrook have been receiving but their anticipated high rank on the leaderboard should save them from the drop zone this week, despite Lucy having a difficult week following illness.
With Kieron bottom 2 last week he is due a bounce, so we could be looking at a Danny Young, Sharron Davies bottom 2. When you consider there was only 0.5pts between Young and Davies last week, Young certainly looks great value at 14s to go on Sunday, and merits a wager. We’d suggest taking the 5-2 Davies as well because by our reckoning, even if it’s not Young, she’ll likely end up in the skate off against someone above her on the leaderboard, rather than below, in which case she will probably be toast.
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