Time For The Nepotism Kid To Exit?

Feb 25, 2011 by

We have another DOI elimination on Sunday and this is one definitely worth getting involved in pre-show.
Several contestants appear to be gaining a certain momentum at this critical stage, and in that list we would include Denise, Johnson and Vanilla.
Denise is improving and has the panel on her side, and the same can be said of Johnson, and it would be odd if the show suddenly aborted support at the last-7 stage. It also cannot be stressed enough how handy it is for ITV to reap the benefit of cross-polinisation of the Loose Women audience, and their ongoing support of Denise is almost a given.
Vanilla must have gained a new legion of fans after his entertaining ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ routine last week and it is fair to assume he will be able to use that as a springboard for another decent score. Jeff put in a superb routine in the skate off last week and again, he’s likely to bounce back. So where does that leave us? Well, everything would point to Chloe being in serious jeopardy this week and a widely-available 6-1 is stand out value for her to be eliminated.
By all accounts she is wearing a skimpy outfit, no doubt in a desperate bid to squeeze out a few extra votes among male viewers, though you sense her vote base is continually dented by the camera panning to her cheering parents in the audience.
Working through the permutations, and the fact that regular leaderboard toppers Sam and Laura both look in danger of falling off the public’s radar this weekend, it is also well worth a speculative punt on the bottom 2 combos of Chloe-Laura and Chloe-Sam both at 40-1 with SkyBet, because whichever of these 2 ends up 2nd top on the leaderboard could, quite feasibly, be dragged into the skate off. Equally, both are worth a poke at 12-1 to be in the bottom 2, also with SkyBet.
If Chloe does depart, at least we have the memories…
Rob Furber

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