Carell and Baldwin in Emmy showdown

Sep 13, 2009 by

It’s the Primetime Emmy Awards next Sunday (September 20) and in the Best Comedy Actor category, it looks a match between Alec Baldwin in ’30 Rock’ and Steve Carell in ‘The Office’.
Personally, I love Charlie Sheen in ‘Two And A Half Men’ but his role as die-hard bachelor and serial womaniser Charlie Harper hardly stretches him, critics argue, given Sheen’s colourful romantic past, and the fact he essentially gets to play himself in the hit CBS sitcom.

This offers interesting food for thought on the contest for Best Comedy Actor:
Baldwin is attempting to win for the second successive year. This isn’t necessarily a negative. A number of actors have won it two years running, Michael J Fox even pulling off the ‘three-peat’ from 1986-88 for his role in ‘Family Ties’.
Ricky Gervais won this award for his performance in ‘Extras’ back in 2007, and while the US version of Gervais and Merchant’s ‘The Office’ won Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006, Carell himself has never won an Emmy and I tend to go along with the argument he is overdue one.

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