Eurovision 2015 subscription offer

Mar 27, 2015 by

Since August 2009, EntertainmentOdds has been providing highly profitable, expert tv betting analysis. Regular readers will appreciate the site’s excellent track record which is founded on taking a value approach to the tv betting markets.

Last year, EntertainmentOdds moved to a fully audited, points-based portfolio of recommended investments, achieving a profit of 124pts to a 1pt level stake with Eurovision 2014 contributing over two thirds of that profit.

26 betting recommendations were advised to readers during the rehearsal fortnight of Eurovision 2014. That amounted to a 243pt investment, resulting in a 327pt return. That equates to a return on investment of 34.5%.

Eurovision remains the biggest tv betting event of the year and in the last 5 years has provided the mainstay of my profit trading the tv betting markets.

This year, for the first time, EntertainmentOdds would like to offer readers an exclusive email subscription service for ALL betting recommendations advised during the Eurovision 2015 rehearsal period in Vienna for the price of £40.

There are a number of reasons why you will be getting value for money by subscribing. You will receive:

– The expert betting advice of a professional Eurovision trader
– The exclusive, inside track live from the press centre each day
– First dibs on the prices flagged up and as part of a more select audience, more chance of obtaining the advised prices
– Email notifications sent before each day’s rehearsal report is published on the site

You will be receiving investment advice from an expert Eurovision analyser with an in-depth understanding of the key variables at play.

Being in the press centre during Eurovision watching the live rehearsals is invaluable. It cannot be stressed enough how much of a game changer it can be for songs in terms of staging and live performance. Allow me to be your ears and eyes on the frontline of Eurovision 2015, scrutinising the live rehearsals and the jury performances, assessing where the betting value lies, and pinpointing it exclusively for you.

Last year, with the investment advice available to all readers it was noticeable how quickly prices were cut. It happened again following last week’s post highlighting Russia at 33-1 e/w first 4 places which is now available at a best price of 18-1 e/w first 4.

Only subscribers will be viewing the investment advice during Eurovision 2015 fortnight which should see prices lasting longer. You will certainly have more chance of obtaining the advised prices, or close to the advised prices, which will be available at the time of email notification.

The aim will be to email subscribers as swiftly as possible each day of rehearsals. Email notifications will be sent to subscribers prior to the daily rehearsal reports appearing on the site.

EntertainmentOdds was set up to help punters achieve that crucial edge over the bookmakers in the tv betting world and the aim with this subscription service is to give you an edge in the Eurovision markets.

On a personal level, it has become increasingly difficult to place bets online due to account restrictions and closures, and my trading activity has had to become much more heavily reliant on Betfair. There are obviously significant expenses incurred attending Eurovision so subscribers will also be helping keep the show on the road.

For those who do not wish to take up the subscription, you will still be able to read an overview of each day’s rehearsals but no specific betting recommendations will be provided in these posts.

Looking back to last year, there were some days when no betting recommendations were given. This may well be the case again this year, but subscribers will receive an email notification every day of Eurovision fortnight even if the message simply reads ‘no recommendations today’.

Any information provided by subscribers will not be shared and your details will remain strictly confidential. The only request is for subscribers to please not share information on any forums or via social messaging. It will be in all subscribers’ interests to maintain discretion and keep information to themselves.

Sign up early and you will also receive pre-rehearsals value selections for the 2 semi-finals once we get a decent range of prices offered by the high street bookmakers, and prior to any analysis being published on the site.

Please type in your preferred email address below and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to subscribe. Alternatively, follow the links seen in the sidebar and top menu on the home page to receive this exclusive ESC 2015 subscription offer.