Italian Renaissance

May 22, 2015 by

Italian Renaissance

A first chance to see the Grand Final as you will see it tomorrow night.

‘Building Bridges’ montage at show start with pictures of people from around the world with Dina Garipova song ‘What If’ playing. Random thoughts while viewing for 1st time:

Slovenia a good opener in sense of uptempo. Will the woman in the headphones still be memorable enough at the end of 27 songs? France’s Lisa should get some jury love. Excellent vocal.

Israel’s Nadav sure to go big in the hall. A song UK viewers, and gamblers, could latch onto?

Estonia – a polite ‘danke schon’ from Elina. After ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’ UK feels even more low-rent.

Armenia – ‘one for the diaspora’ as opposed to Spain – ‘one for the dads’. Lithuania – still feels like papering over the cracks of a feeble song. Serbia sure to be a fan favourite on the night, but in danger of jury shortfall?

Norway – a much-needed shot of quality at this point. Debrah needs to get it right tonight in front of the jurors.

Brief chat interlude before Mans, presumably to set up equipment. In a largely gimmick-free ESC 2015, does Sweden come across as too gimmicky and trying to conceal a very ordinary pop song with a very ordinary chorus? The Guetta comparisons are a potential dampener too.

John refreshingly authentic compared to fabricated Mans? No worries with Guy’s vocal. Slick choreo, slick Americanized R&B sound but will this song travel well enough around all of Europe?

Belgium looks, feels and sounds creatively more substantial in all departments compared to Sweden and Australia. But that might just be me.

Austria not a completely unrealistic top 10 poke? Break follows Austria. Greece’s Maria Elena powers this out as always.

‘Adio’ is a lovely ballad for Montenegro but maybe this slow section of the final will start to send viewers to sleep. Germany maybe a bit too coffee lounge muzak to make an impact.

Woman singing in a wheelchair alert for viewers and potential sympathy vote. Warm presentation but the song feels very insubstantial and Monika’s vocal simply not the strongest.

Does Aminata inject life into the final at this point? Quirky, contemporary, visually and sonically interesting.

Romania similarly draws you in. It stands alone in this final. Worthy rock well sung and performed, and with a back story at least for the diaspora.

Beautiful olive dress for Edurne following the big reveal. Have to keep an ear out for her vocal later tonight but this does have a certain impact visually. Boggie sings beautifully but just too forgettable surely.

Georgia to re-ignite viewer interest? As much visually as the song’s powerful riff. In the battle of the Warriors Nina slayed Malta’s Amber as predicted. Seems to have recovered from earlier illness scare.

Is Azerbaijan trying this year and determined to get back in the top 10? One of the great imponderables. Forget about Elnur’s suspect vocal, good or bad tonight it is all about the former question.

BuildingBridges? Taking the Contest east to Russia would be the ultimate bridge builder. Polina has the handbrake on here and still impresses.

Albania’s Elhaida is very much 1st round elimination in the Europa League following Polina’s Champions League final performance.

A compelling climax courtesy of Il Volo. Don’t think being last is a blow to Italy’s chance. In many ways its USP means it’s the perfect pimp slot song.

27 nations kick songs around for 3 minutes each and then Sweden wins…? Look out for tomorrow’s grand final betting preview hopefully appearing here early afternoon UK time.



  1. Henry VIII

    I’m interested in what you say about Russia Rob. I’d like to build a bridge with Russia and have the contest in Sochi next year but why would the EBU? Aren’t they the western one-world types who would be most susceptible to the constant anti-Russian media.

  2. Rob

    It fits the ‘Building Bridges’ theme of this year’s ESC, henry, is the only point I’m making. The song, too, has that very much as its theme. I see nothing in this draw or Russia’s treatment here to suggest the EBU is against going to Russia next year.

    The ESC is actually due to return to Eastern Europe is another way of looking at it, after 2 years in Western Europe. They were happy for Baku to host too etc etc.

    People just need to try & drag their mindset away from this evil Russia mindset. Polina has been charming here and the LGBT community has embraced her. No booing & some clever Ola Sand rhetoric in the EBU conference saying politics needs to stay out of the ESC & has no place in the ESC & music artists should not be the target of booing. He said the Tolmachevy Twins were in tears back stage after they were booed.

  3. Gert

    Back to predicting! This time around, I will post my TOP 14 prediction (left hand side of tomorrow’s scoreboard) of the 60th ‪#‎Eurovision‬ Song Contest grand final….before the jury-rehearsal. Smart? Not really. But hey, it’s also fun to see what happens ;-):

    01. SWEDEN (gold)
    02. BELGIUM (silver)
    03. RUSSIA (bronze)
    04. LATVIA (3rd runner-up)
    05. AUSTRALIA (4th runner-up)
    06. Estonia
    07. Georgia
    08. Norway
    09. Israel
    10. Italy
    11. Slovenia
    12. Azerbaijan
    13. Austria
    14. Romania

    After this prediction I will make no changes anymore. Perhaps only France and Cyprus can surprise for the TOP 14, but I’m not sure. This is it ;-)!

    • Gert

      This is my best prediction ever. 9 of my TOP 10 countries ended in the evntual TOP 10. I predicted the rankings of Sweden, Australia, Norway and Israel 100% correct. Estonia and Latvia only one place different compared to my prediction. In the TOP 14 I predicted the exact ranking of Azerbaijan correct. Georgia is just outside the TOP 10, while I had them 7th smile-emoticon. Romania got 15th place, while I had them 14th. Slovenia got 14th place, while I had them 11th. Andddd, Germany last, I had that correct too.

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