Le Mans

May 20, 2015 by

Le Mans

A first chance to see semi-final 2 as you will see it on tv tomorrow night.

Monika smiles in her wheelchair as she is the last artist introduced and is left alone at the bottom of some steps. You see her carried up the steps to the stage in a later long shot. Another ‘Good morning, Australia’.

Lithuania as sickly sweet/cute as ever depending on your taste. ‘Vienna make some noise’ says Vaidas. Nice outfit for Molly. Leather jacket. Finding the camera a little more. A slow, worthy ballad after Lithuania. To me, the quality resides firmly with Ireland but maybe this will not be reflected in ESC televoting or jury rankings.

Poor Anita a bit off vocally here in places but you have to love this duet for their charming enthusiasm. Does Knez out-ballad Molly? Possibly. Very good this. He is a reliable and consistent performer.

Amber not on top form here. Always had concerns about her vocal going back to the Maltese NF and the way she delivers this song. Doubts persist.

San Marino duet chat to Conchita. Then she speaks to Molly, ‘Do you love bingo?’ Ha, ha. Very good. Norway improved today. This song is quality, no doubt; just not sure about their styling or the staging.

Leonor tries her best with this; a shame she has been given such a weak song to sing. Czechs in fine voice, as usual. If Nadav brings this sort of energy and performance tonight, the arena audience will enjoy it very much.

Leftfield Loic got through last night, is that a good sign for Aminata? This lass has the pipes for it. Elnur is fine here, as he has been throughout rehearsals. Maria doing her manic pixie impression. Hera’s calming presence helps her when the backing vocalists join in.

Norway’s Debrah talks to Conchita about her hair. Portugal’s Leonor then has a chat with her. ‘Heroes’ as slick as ever. Mans knows this routine like the back of his hand.

Melanie, as always, does her best to elevate this song. John solid and looking ready for tonight. Maraaya doing the Maraaya thing, Air violinist present and correct. Monika offers a very warm and sympathetic presentation for Poland.

John from Cyprus chats with a hostess at one point, as does Mans, as does Malta’s Amber, as does Slovenia’s Marjetka but after phonelines have closed.

So, have you got your 10 semi 2 qualifiers set in stone yet? It’s another tricky puzzle to solve. Look out for tomorrow’s post offering a full betting preview of semi-final 2 on the back of tonight’s crucial jury performance.




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