Estonia Powers Up

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Estonia Powers Up

So now the serious business begins. Tonight sees the jury performance for semi-final 1, aka, the 2nd dress rehearsal, semi-final 1. Before that, a chance to see the tv show for semi 1 for the first time during the 1st dress rehearsal.

The semi-final acts are introduced and then they appear front and centre on stage behind the 3 female presenters. Female cop really is the star of the show for Moldova – terrific close-up shot of her pert derriere at one point.

Armenia gets more impressive on each run-through. Vocal issues during 1st rehearsal seem a long time ago. Loic still looking a little scary with some of his stares but this is a powerful performance. Belgium back in the game if he repeats this later tonight.

Trijntje has changed outfits again – now in a black pantaloon number. Maybe she should have stuck with the original dress after all. After PKN a break and the presenters thank the Finnish band and say they may have woken up Australia.

Conchita chats to Loic in the green room who smiles helping him look more human. Maybe a little boost for him. Cuts out after Conchita heads to the Netherlands pod.

Maria Elena as solid as always. Quality ballad diva performance. Wonderfully expressive face and clever use of her arms to bring home the power. Estonia has come on in leaps and bounds from 1st rehearsal. Long shot at the end very effective.

A sense this is a tough slot for FYR Macedonia. Performance fine but it suffers in comparison to Estonia. Bojana… just a bit too noisy in that last minute. Boggie a calm oasis in comparison. A ‘danke schon’ from Boggie to the audience – a bit of politeness can go a long way.

Some better camera angles for Belarus if not mistaken. Looking good. Polina, again, very solid as she has been throughout rehearsals.

Elina and Stig chat to Conchita. Stig tells her he has tried 9 times to make it to ESC. She then chats with Bojana.

Anti Social Media perform this well enough. Definitely the best Elhaida has sounded performing this. She might wish she saved this performance for later tonight.

Very evocative set for Romania and flawless vocal as usual. Nina has been ill apparently and it shows. They have had to change the sound mix for her because of this and ‘Warrior’ suffers as a result. She is well below par here. Has the Soluna Samay curse struck Georgia this year? Without her power this doesn’t nearly have as much impact. Georgia backers will have to hope Nina can perform better tonight.

On the first reprise they cut to the artists in the green room after each clip. Danish band all smiles and swaying in time to their song.

After the phonelines have closed, there is a chat with Elhaida and a member of the group from Armenia. A segment about Australia’s links with the Contest. Eduard from Moldova has a chat with one of the hostesses. Then Polina and Maria Elena together interviewed. Then Uzari and Maimuna get a segment.

A look at the 7 automatic qualifiers. The announcement of the 10 qualifers. Clips of the qualifying songs are played. And that’s a wrap.

Look out for semi-final 1 preview article tomorrow and prediction of the 10 qualifiers, along with some views on the odds. If you want the exclusive on betting recommendations, the exclsuive email subscription offer is still open. Just follow the links in the sidebar or at the top of the home page.

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  1. Rob

    Eurovision @Eurovision · 2h 2 hours ago

    Nina Sublatti from Georgia is sick and saving her voice for tonight’s important jury performance. We wish her a speedy recovery! #Eurovision