Secret Garden

May 6, 2018 by

Secret Garden

A shortened day today before the serious business gets underway, with the Big 5 and Portugal having their second rehearsals. Greece and Denmark also rehearse again due to technical difficulties during their 2nd rehearsals but this will be behind-closed-doors apparently.

It is anticipated the Big 5 will draw first half/second half running order positions during their press conferences.

‘O Jardim’ remains under the radar but the lyrics of this song are beautiful and poignant much like Claudia’s performance. She keeps her eyes closed a little too much risking a loss of emotional connection with viewers. It is much better when she stares wistfully at the camera.

The gist is, she still goes to her late grandmother’s garden to water the flowers. ‘If you’re happy in heaven, take me there, I’ll always take care of where you are… Now that you’re not here, I’ll water your garden.’ This is why Claudia gets so emotional singing it. It comes in at only 2mins37secs but every second of this tender, nuanced gem is worth it.

Nothing left to say regarding the UK’s ‘Storm’ but always time to speculate on the upcoming draw. We reckon with Portugal already drawn in the first half, there are 3 second half slots and 2 first half slots up for grabs in the bowl. Or that’s the official line. So whoever picks first has more chance of pulling out a second half draw.

They have outfitted Amaia in a rather old fashioned ballgown. Alfred wears a blue suit which looks better. Their slow walk to the centre of the stage always looks awkward to my eyes and perhaps makes the song drag a bit before their emotional close-ups. It is still cute though with a sense of young love.

Germany’s Michael is in much better voice today. They seem to have found the right sound levels for him. For over 2 minutes it is all in black and white, emotional and enthralling. But the visuals in the last 40 seconds let it down as it turns to red and black. This could be pernickety staging analysis that turns out to prove irrelevant in the bigger picture.

Monsieur has a red guitar which styles perfectly with Madame’s bright red lipstick and fingernails. This is quintessentially French in all aspects. You could say it has a certain ‘je ne c’est quoi’. Jean-Karl Lucas aka Jean-Paul Sartre is so existentialist looking you could imagine him taking a drag on a Gauloises, sat outside a cafe beside the Seine, asking, ‘What is life?’ Visually powerful and a USP that sets it apart in this field.

UK draws first half and detectives have spotted the bowl looks full. And now Spain has drawn first half. So that’s 3 first halfs.

Fabrizio Moro has a very gritty look with his tats. And his snarly stare and vocal share this grit. After watching France, Italy feels too intense and slightly unwelcoming.

At the Germany press conference now and Michael draws first half. Next it’s Madame Monsieur. And Emelie draws first half.

Finally Italy draws second half. So 8 first half slots remain, 12 second half ones. The second half could well end up an uptempo-fest the way this is shaping up.

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