Semi 2 Fallout – Euphoria For Sweden Backers

May 25, 2012 by

We were delighted to predict 10/10 in semi 2, on a very profitable evening for our readers. Now the big question is, who wins and who loses in the full running order for tomorrow night’s final.

It’s not entirely clear cut but Sweden backers have got to be happy with the 17 slot for Loreen. It has a chance to stand out from there, though the same can be said for any number of other songs.

12-17 certainly looks a strong section of the draw and the initial impression is, the early songs look in danger of being heavily overshadowed by what comes later. This is always the case, obviously, but in some years there is a more even spread of quality songs throughout the draw.

We will be keeping a close eye on rehearsals today, with the big jury performance to come tonight. Anything that leaps out will be posted below in the Comments section, as will a brief overview of how things went in front of the juries.

That draw again (links to videos, in running order, can be found here).

1. UK
2. Hungary
3. Albania
4. Lithuania
5. Bosnia
6. Russia
7. Iceland
8. Cyprus
9. France
10. Italy
11. Estonia
12. Norway
13. Azerbaijan
14. Romania
15. Denmark
16. Greece
17. Sweden
18. Turkey
19. Spain
20. Germany
21. Malta
22. Macedonia
23. Ireland
24. Serbia
25. Ukraine
26. Moldova

Rob Furber

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  1. Rob

    First final rehearsal thoughts:

    Lots of technical issues so we only got the feed back in time to see our friend Donny going through his paces in trap 4.

    Russia certainly arrives with a bang after Lithuania and Bosnia. Iceland sounds a class act after those dreadful grannies. The Swedish tv presenter the other night apparently said, ‘Don’t worry folks. That’s not an incinerator’ describing the ‘oven’ on stage with the Babushki!!

    They’ve reset the sound for Ivi so she is completely dubbed over by the backing singers to try and prevent us hearing any bum notes. Clever sound engineering going on here. Unlike with Anggun who, again, is sounding very ropey in places. Much like Gaitana’s song, this is a difficult tune to deliver perfectly too.

    Nina for Italy… with blue/green wig on, better dress, giving it plenty of attitude. The ‘come on Eurovison’ clap-along remains and definitely detracts. Not in keeping with the coolness she aims to exude throughout. Still unconvinced by this.

    Lots of technical issues today so sound keeps dropping in and out. Now we can’t hear Ott. Never mind. We know all there is to know about Ott already – quality vocal, nervy individual, prone to getting ‘angry’ during performance.

    A break after Tooji, who certainly stands out at this point in the show, when the presenter chats to Humpy. Sabina starts her song poorly in this rehearsal. She is really off here. Nerves? And when the bloke starts wailing in the background, it detracts.

    Mandinga is a big, bright, fun presentation following Sabina. Soluna not singing parts of this – rumours of illness could, sadly, be correct. Not using her voice much here. Worrying signs for Denmark supporters.

    Aphrodisiac is as light and frothy as ever. Eleftheria sounding fine here. Cyprus and Greece both worked the oracle with backing singer assistance. Loreen in good form. Production peaking at right time with this.

    Can is certainly quite a contrast following Loreen. Must play well to Turkey’s core allies. And now Pastora… could really do with her conserving her pipes for later tonight. Wearing a beautiful light blue gown, hair up. You sense she is only in about 2rd gear here. If this doesn’t impress ESC viewers, or juries for that matter, nothing will.

    Lob… hugely underwhelming after Pastora. In this viewer’s ears, and eyes, it exposes ‘Standing Still’ as essentially one-paced and dreary. He can sing it fine but not feeling this as a winner. Too rigid and embedded in thinking? Maybe, but not for budging on this one.

    Malta maintains the somewhat mediocre vibe following Lob. Yes, it’s upbeat but it’s hardly stealing the show here.

    After Kurt, Kaliopi sounds very classy. Kaliopi seems even classier when Jedward arrive on stage in their gold lame space suits. Probably plays out well to 12-year-old girls in some parts of Europe. Let’s not forget about demographics.

    And then the double whammy of class arrives. Surely this exposes the cheap trash in this part of the draw as Zeljko arrives front and centre and belts it out.

    As for Ukraine, it shines rather more brightly than Malta and Ireland before it. With the crowd, and the flags, and everyone dancing along, you can imagine this having big impact.

    Moldova is fun too, there’s no denying it, if a little lightweight after Gaitana. A fitting climax as Pasha rides his female giddy-ups down the walkway.

    On recap, we hear Humpy sounding a little off-key, Compact Disco fine… probably worth remembering the big one is later tonight and they are all saving themselves for that.

    A part here with presenter sat beside Babushki presumably, as a piece of paper on the sofa says ‘grannies’. Just before voting commences, an interview with Soluna Samay, quite possibly from her sick bed on her earlier showing. Let’s hope not. Be a shame if she can’t bring it later on. Get that lady dosed up. She has 4 hours to recover. Know how she feels. It’s a tough schedule.

    More in Comments later, after jury performance…

  2. fiveleaves

    Cheers Rob,
    The UK’s price continues to be baffling.
    It’s chances are being really hyped up in the BBC trailer tho, which may help explain the price.
    Leading to casual/mug/patriotic punters, thinking the Hump can actually do it.

    Still loving the spanish draw and the price.

  3. Rob

    Hi fiveleaves,
    There is certainly a great angle there to mop up all the mug, patriotic UK money on Humpy – I’d go as far as a lay in the top 10 market. Cannot see UK getting anywhere near top 10 – fiercely-competitive.

  4. fiveleaves

    aye, I see the UK as midfield or lower.

    I know you’re not a big fan, but it’s not doing too well in the journos poll.

    Spain is however 😀

  5. zoomraker

    How worried should we be by this:

    “Lose for your country’: Spanish Eurovision entrant told NOT to win competition tomorrow because the country can’t afford to host the lavish event”

    Read more:

  6. Henry VIII

    Rob tell him how pointless the journo/fanboy poll is. 🙂

  7. Rob

    ok, the big one, jury performance 2012, here goes, Rob is in his bubble, putting himself in the hot seat of a jury (thanks Malta, just place that suitcase over there in the corner):

    UK – Humpy was ok, nothing more. Expect juries to be sympathetic given his age.
    Compact Disco – had such high hopes for this on 1st seeing official video. A game effort from the boys, but doesn’t quite come off in Baku.
    Rona – this song has always been a thing of beauty & great to see Rona do it such amazing justice live. Smashed it again. Will be sad to hear this for the last time tomorrow. This will be pushing towards the top of the jury vote.
    Donny – come to love this lad & he’s giving it his all here… if this comes last I will be personally upset for him. Should find some love among juries.
    Lovely Maya – having watched them all over 2 weeks, you grow an emotional attachment so it’s hard to remove yourself and be a jury member for the night. Very good from Maya. Not sure this has ever sounded better.
    Russia – what are you supposed to think as a jury – yes, that’s fine tray carrying, and smiling bewildered at the camera. Sorry Russia, but you’ll be getting nothing from this UK jury for such utter tripe as this.
    Iceland – this tune could still be a jury-wank; sounds like proper music after Russia. They perform fine here.
    Cyprus – Ivi not sounding quite as good as she did at earlier rehearsal. But probably passable.
    Anggun – she is a little iffy in places but gets through it relatively unscathed (compared to some of her weaker efforts)
    Nina – compared to Ivi and Anggun, she certainly sounds vocally stronger. Juries may go for this in a big way. She could not have done much better.
    But then Ott gives a masterclass in vocals, kind of eclipsing Nina. Far more enticing song this, compared to cold and aloof Zilli. Well done Ott – really smashed this again, while erect. Impressive.
    Tooji – now, be fair juries, this is a quality pop package. Or will they be miserable b*astards and punish it for being too much like Saade? They really shouldn’t.
    Sabina – she was poor earlier, what will happen… much improved. Why did they put that wailing guy in this song? She has held her nerve well.
    Romania – Elena did much better than last Tuesday when she had problems with her ear-piece. Little slip but not something juries should punish.
    Soluna – she is dressed at least, rushed here from her sick bed. This is like an interlude of authentic music… could see the juries lapping this up actually. She has performed this well.
    Eleftheria – she has done very well here. An altogether more convincing pop package set alongside Ivi from earlier, really, it’s true. Eleftheria gives it plenty of oomph.
    Loreen was absolutely smashing Euphoria when a snowflake made her choke. Will the juries punish this? Be very harsh if they did as she was amazing otherwise. One possible saving grace – the televote performance more significant to Sweden’s chances.
    Can Bonomo – back on much better form tonight.
    Pastora did what Pastora does – awesome. Get your 12 paddles out now, Europe, you f*ckers.
    Lob did ok. I’ve heard him sing this better. It was adequate. Compared to Pastora, of course, it was rather… average.
    Go on Kurt – he’s right, this is the night, the night to deliver, and he is doing so, swift foot shuffle and all. Mohawk guy is joining in and, come on juries, at least give it 1pt… btw, there’s a suitcase over there if you want to take a look… make it more than 1pt, yeah?
    Kaliopi, awesome, writing this 10 seconds in… know the rest will be immaculate too. This lady owes nothing to those who got on the mighty Macedonia to qualify from semi 2 at odds against. An interesting top 10 contender? Possibly, will get plenty of jury love this.
    From Kaliopi to Jedward doing the Jedward thing. Only at the ESC. Is it possible for juries to give minus pts? To be fair, they sing/are concealed by backing singers very well here.
    Serbia – can he produce again… Never in doubt, was it? He should do a duet with Kaliopi. One word: consummate.
    Gaitana – can she get through this unscathed. Scary watching her every time… you hold your breathe… and she delivers. Very fine form from Gaitana.
    Pasha, last up, a fitting finish to the show, good fun this. He has done well here.
    All about snowflake-gate tonight. Will juries be tough? Doubt it. Pastora, Rona, Kaliopi, Soluna, Gaitana for the ladies; Donny, Ott, Zelkjo for the guys. Who knows what they seek? No real shockers.
    The big one tomorrow. Got to get penning thoughts. Night all 😉

  8. zoomraker

    Could jury points be enough to get Rona in top 10 even if she does very poorly in televote?

  9. Rob

    Hi zoomraker. I’ve been asking myself that very same question. It is not impossible. Albania is an acquired taste but televoters who appreciate quality music and great vocals will surely reward her. Think I would want a double figure price Albania to be top 10 though as it’s a very crowded looking space.

  10. zoomraker

    After having slept on it my feeling is that Albania won’t be making top ten. There is a lot of quality this year and it would be unrealistic to expect the Juries to favour Albania over the likes of Patora and Loreen to the extent that would be needed given how poorly Rona is likely to do in the public vote.

    I’ve been pushing the song on facebook and the reaction of most people is the same as on the forums. “Cor Blimey what a racket”

    I’ve got one chunk of ammunition left for tonight that’s looking for a home and my thoughts at the moment are Spain for top 10, although I expect that price to contract over the course of the day.

  11. Matt

    Spain top 10 looks a pretty safe bet to me. It’s a very congested market – as many as 17 have claims – but Spain works on several levels i think.

    With my bankroll tied up on Sweden, how will yesterdays choke affect things – anyone got an opinion as whether juries will mark down? I still cant see any other winner but its a nagging fear i could do without this morning!

  12. Rob

    Hi zoom & Matt – I think Spain top 10 is very solid looking indeed, Evens with blusq still available.

    As for Loreen, Matt, would be very surprised if they were harsh on her based on what was essentially a prop malfunction.

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