The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Yellow

Apr 17, 2010 by

With Nick Clegg kicking butt in the first televised election debate, floating voters among the UK public are all piling onto the Lib Dem lifeboat. The spin-meisters acting on behalf of Brown and Cameron will be working overtime trying to figure out how to trip up their rival in the next two live debates, but Clegg has the oratorical repertoire to keep dodging the bullets and keep building support.
Given the widespread disillusion of the electorate with the ‘Big Two’ parties, the Lib Dems are in pole position to mop up the vote of the disenfranchised masses. And with Cameron incapable of shrugging off the impression he is more disingenuous than Tony Blair, and Brown looking like a man already resigned to the prospect of departing Number 10, or at best playing his part in a hung parliament judging by the number of times he said, ‘I agree with Nick’ the other night, the Lib Dems look set to do the best they’ve ever done in what is fast becoming the most exciting and unpredictable general election race in years.
The Lib Dems are a stand out 5-2 with Betfred to win 75 seats or more and  7-4 with Betfred to win 24% or more of the overall vote share, and it is also worth backing the Lib Dems with Ladbrokes to land 80-89 seats (8-1), 90-99 seats (12-1) and even 100 or more seats (8-1).
There is a tangible sense the Lib Dems are going to continue building momentum and as such we would also recommend a speculative wager on them winning the most seats at 33-1 with Betfred, Skybet and Extrabet.
With a hung parliament looking a distinct possibility, our main hope is the media don’t come up with one of those annoying hybrid words like Jedward and Brangelina to describe the partnership – our money’s on ClownCam.
Rob Furber

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