Jukebox And Emily To Storm To Final

Jan 21, 2010 by

The first of three live semi finals of Got To Dance is broadcast on Sky One this Sunday. Six acts face off, viewers voting for their favourite and the top two progressing to the final.
The first semi-final looks far and away the most competitive with 11-year-old Emily, vying for Outright favouritism currently, up against the likes of Jukebox Juniors and Status who both fall more into the ‘Diversity’ category as groups of synchronised street-style dancers.
Martin Sierra has charisma in abundance as a kooky solo performer, and the two guys who form Parallel, and entertaining Asian dance group Bnhangra Heads, are no forlorn hopes.
Emily is a unique solo performer who choreographs astonishing gymnastic routines. She got a standing ovation during her audition, stands out as a special talent with remarkable dexterity, and merits support at a best-priced 4-1 on the Outright.
Jukebox Juniors, set up as a community project for the local kids, have the talent, the back story and the cuteness factor – they consist of young teenage dancers – to also make it through so be sure to snap up the 12s on them as well.
Rob Furber

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