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As predicted Jukebox Juniors and Emily progressed from the first semi-final of Got To Dance. Studying the field some more we think Jukebox Juniors remain great value on the Outright at 5-1, and you should snap up those odds as quickly as possible.
There are a number of reasons why Jukebox Juniors are very strong contenders. Firstly, their semi-final performance was outstanding. In modern parlance they ‘smashed it’.

Also in their favour is the cuteness factor of this kids’ dance troupe, who are all between the ages of 10 and 14, and their back story – the woman who coaches them setting up the group as a community project to give local kids something to do regardless of race and background.
It’s all vote-winning stuff in our view, and it’s also interesting to read on the official website the words, ‘The amazing Jukebox Juniors in their semi-final winning performance.’
Emily doesn’t get the same write up which suggests to us Jukebox Juniors beat Emily on the public vote last Sunday. Also, Emily only got a gold star from two out of three judges but remains a best-priced 11-4 favourite, whereas Jukebox Juniors got three out of three.
And alongside main market rivals who are all soloists in Emily, Akai and Matthew Koon, Jukebox Juniors stand out because there is so much more content in their performance and they are more visually engaging.
Rob Furber

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