Jimmy destined for another 2nd place?

Dec 4, 2009 by

It’s the final of I’m A Celebrity tonight and Gino goes into it as one of the shortest priced favourites in reality tv history.
It’s hard to see him not winning and the only remaining interest, from a betting perspective, is who will finish second. Jimmy has overcome some seriously dubious editing to get past the likes of Sabrina, Stuart, and last night Justin.
Many contestants who have exited have told of Jimmy’s witty bon mots, and him being the life and soul of camp. Clearly a lot of this footage has ended up on the cutting room floor.
Jimmy’s fan base must come more strongly into play now, which has to give him a great chance of finishing second – which sadly befits a man whose snooker career has been defined by his status as a perennial runner-up. This crucial missed black still makes us weep for the Whirlwind:

How Kim is still there is one of the anomalies of shows like I’m A Celeb – a contestant that polarises opinion creates a certain following on the grounds of entertainment, despite her consistently sour and ratty behaviour.
Take the 2-1 with SkyBet on the Gino/Jimmy straight forecast. And if you want to play on the safe side you can back Jimmy for next elimination at 7-10 with Boylesports for a guaranteed win either way – £60 at 2s would win you £120, and £100 at 7-10 wins £70, so £20 or £10 profit either way.
Rob Furber

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