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Now George Hamilton has walked too! If there’s a bane in the life of a Specials punter, it’s attaching your colours to a contestant early on at big odds, seeing said contestant’s odds plummet, and just as you stand on the threshold of an enormous win, seeing him or her walk out or get injured and have to pull out.
It was significant last night that Jimmy White avoided the bottom 2, as he got the sort of non-airtime that put paid to Sam Fox earlier in the series. Jimmy now looks like the only contestant who can upset red hot 1-3 favourite Gino D’Acampo, and with the tough final bushtucker trials to negotiate, Gino is by no means a certainty.
Now the field has narrowed Jimmy’s credentials as one of this country’s most loved sporting under-achievers really start to stand out. Kim cannot possibly win in a positive vote – there’s far too much about her that irritates. And none of the others have enough redeeming qualities to make them contenders.
If a bookie releases prices, get on the Gino/Jimmy, Jimmy/Gino reverse forecast, and if you’re not green already on the Whirlwind snap up the 8s still available. In the mean time, back Justin to go tonight at 7-4. We reckon it should be more like Evens the pair in a head-to-head with Sabrina.
Sabrina got some decent airtime last night whereas Justin has started to come across as a dreadful drama queen, cries at the drop of a hat, and is so transparent it’s a wonder you can’t see straight through him.
Rob Furber

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