Bernie Has The Lung Power

Feb 1, 2010 by

Betting on Popstar To Operastar has turned on its head after Danny Jones’s dismal effort and follow up surprise appearance (given his fan base) in the bottom 2 last Friday, and two more excellent performances by Marcella Detroit and, arguably even more stand out, Bernie Nolan.

Jones and Darius Campbell are starting to look the weakest vocally of the remaining contestants, and Kym Marsh seems to lack the power and range of her two female rivals.
We think the superior operatic ability of Bernie and Marcella will become even more apparent in the coming weeks. Bearing in mind this will ultimately be decided by public vote, we reckon Bernie is the call on Outright as she should, in theory, outpoll Marcella when it gets down to a head-to-head, so steam in to the 9-4 available on Bernie Nolan as of now.
Rob Furber

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