A Rose-Coloured Punt?

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Ahead of the showcase-only, first live show of SYTYCD tomorrow night, it is looking a wide open contest this year with no stand-out front runners.
After female dancer Charlie won in 2010, you might argue there’s a slightly stronger chance of a male winner this year. Given the show’s ratings have already dropped considerably this might just prove the last series of the UK version, so a male winner to even things up could be on the cards. With this in mind, we suggest weighting Outright bets slightly in favour of the most likely looking male winners at the outset of the show.
Having studied the 20-runner field in depth we can reduce the list of potential winners to about 10 already. The 3 male dancers we’re most eager to get green in the book are Matt Flint, Ryan Jenkins and Shane Collard.
Matt is a likeable Scarborough lad, specialising in tap, but looks capable of coping well enough with other dance genres. Ryan looks a potential all-rounder too and has quite a back story. It was noticeable Nigel Lythgoe mentioned during rehearsals that this is a search for the UK’s favourite dancer, as opposed to the best dancer, allowing for charisma and back story to have a say in swaying the voting public.
Shane is an Aussie, which could be seen as a negative, but his solo looked high quality and he is a real looker you can see becoming a firm favourite with female voters. Charlie Wheeller and Israel Donowa are the other 2 male dancers we certainly wouldn’t be laying and would rather keep small green. Charlie will be a real crowd-pleaser with his entertaining contortion breakdancing. The worry with him is, how he will cope with other dance genres. The same can be said for Israel, a Hackney lad who can perform brilliant hip hop routines.
Among the women this year, the three we give the strongest chance to at the outset are Bethany Rose Harrison, Danielle Cato and Katie Love.
Bethany is the comeback story having tried out for the show last year. She looked brilliant in her solo and seems very likeable. She has the sort of good looks that tread a fine line between acceptable among female voters, and causing a green-eyed effect. Admitting she can sometimes make her routines too sexy is certainly a warning she may sway towards the latter.
Danielle also excelled in her solo and looked to have great lines. Our only worry with her is, whether she can truly connect with viewers. She might prove a bit of a cold fish.
Katie Love on the other hand looks an ideal candidate to hit it off with the audience in that she’s a down-to-earth type, very under-stated, has a great attitude and looks a good all-rounder in the making.
We must mention Stephanie Powell who is a brilliant samba dancer. There is something about her though – mainly her stunning looks – that instinctively tells us she will struggle to get the public on side.
Rithiely Pereira is a 19-year-old Brazilian hip hop artist. In her genre she looks very good but a little bit like Charlie and Israel, the concern with her is whether she’ll be able to cope with other dance routines outside of her comfort zone. We can also see Kirsty Swain having a good run in the show by becoming an audience favourite as she is partially deaf.
With only Outright, win-only odds available pre-first live show this is probably an appropriate time to give bet recommendations on a points basis.
Rob Furber

8pt win Matt 13-2 (William Hill)

4pt win Shane 12-1 (Boylesports, Paddy Power)

4pt win Ryan 12-1 (Skybet, Boylesports, Paddy Power, William Hill)

2.5pt win Charlie 16-1 (Boylesports)

3pt win Israel 12-1 (bet365, Skybet, Boylesports, Paddy Power, William Hill)

5pt win Bethany Rose Harrison 10-1 (Skybet, Betfred, Paddy Power, William Hill)

3pt win Katie Love 14-1 (Betfred)

2pt win Danielle Cato 20-1 (William Hill)

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