Hip Hop Hurray For Tommy & Lizzie

Jan 31, 2010 by

It’s the semi-final of SYTYCD next Saturday and if our calculations are correct the pairings will be Tommy/Lizzie, Alastair/Charlie, Robbie/Mandy.
We’re going to stick our necks out here in saying we expect Alastair and Mandy to find themselves in the bottom two and facing elimination.
Nigel Lythgoe has been most positive about Tommy and Robbie over the course of the series among the remaining men; Charlie and Lizzie among the women, and we still think that as a soloist Tommy is the best dancer in the competition:

Tommy and Lizzie should be a dream pairing as they are both hip hop performers and by our reckoning it should be their turn next Saturday to perform hip hop or something similar.
We have recommended Tommy and Charlie already but at current prices we strongly advise you to back Tommy again on the Outright at 11-1 and to be Top Male at 11-2 because those odds are simply far too big and frankly non-sensical.
Lizzie has shown herself to be a very consistent and versatile performer and her solos have arguably stood out the most among the remaining women as she’s that little bit quirky and unique:

We make it the toss of a coin between her and Charlie now for Top Female, so you should equal up your potential profit in the Top Female market by taking the 2-1 Lizzie.
Lizzie is also worth backing on the Outright at 11-2 and the only other possible winner as we see it is Robbie so you should take the 5-2 on him to at least cover your total outlay on Tommy, Charlie and Lizzie.
Rob Furber

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