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After contemplating whether Nigel’s poor treatment in the previous two weeks was indicative of TPTB’s uncooperative long-term plans for him, it was his main market rival, Bobby, who came under scrutiny last Saturday following his curious pimp slot performance.

Everything about his tango looked under-par and off-putting. The styling, the lighting, the choreo… It was by no means Bobby’s best dance and didn’t look befitting of closing the show on a high point. The judges duly dampened proceedings scoring Bobby a middling 30, and when this sort of thing happens from the pimp you can’t help wondering if it was intentionally deflating.

Given Layton produced a professional-looking CCC, which landed him a 37, it looked like Nigel, tasked with following him, could be in for another tough night. But he pulled a good salsa out of the bag aided by Katya’s clever choreo. Patrick Swayze was referenced and the judges weren’t prepared to nit-pick this one. It looked very much like Nigel back on track in the competition.

Bobby and Nigel both have ballroom routines tomorrow set to suitable music. There is greater scope for nit-picking when it comes to foxtrot but they should both end up towards the top of the judges’ leaderboard.

The judges duly dampened proceedings scoring Bobby a middling 30, and when this sort of thing happens from the pimp you can’t help wondering if it was intentionally deflating

Angela S endured harsh appraisals and scoring for her VW which conveniently left her looking in trouble, her and Carlos noticeably appearing at the bottom of the list of four couples scored 28 on the leaderboard caption. After they seemed to purposely put it on early and score down her Charleston the previous week, this looks more suspiciously like journey building.

Week 4 judges’ leaderboard:

Layton and Nikita: CCC – (9) – 9, 10, 9, 9 = 37
Nigel and Katya: Salsa – (10) – 8, 9, 8, 8 = 33
Adam and Luba: Waltz – (2) – 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32
Angela R and Kai: Rumba – (12) – 8, 7, 8, 8 = 31
Amanda and Giovanni: Foxtrot – (4) – 7, 8, 8, 8 = 31
Bobby and Dianne: Tango – (13) – 7, 7, 8, 8 = 30
Annabel and Johannes: Jive – (7) – 7, 7, 7, 8 = 29
Ellie and Vito: Samba – (1) – 7, 7, 7, 7 = 28
Krishnan and Lauren: Paso Doble – (5) – 6, 7, 7, 8 = 28
Zara and Graziano: Viennese Waltz – (6) – 7, 7, 7, 7 = 28
Angela S and Carlos: Viennese Waltz – (11) – 7, 7, 7, 7 = 28
Eddie and Karen: American Smooth – (8) – 4, 7, 6, 7 = 24 – bottom 2
Jody and Jowita: Salsa – (3) – 3, 5, 5, 6 = 19 – eliminated

In AS she has the same dance as Zara for the second consecutive week. It will be foxtrot-based when a VW-based one might have been a lot easier for her. It could just be they keep Angela S simmering under for a while longer yet.

Ellie opened the show with samba. Her movements were quite jerky, and the optics weren’t great given the strain it imparted on her face throughout. Shirley quite cunningly intimated it was only any good from the waist up.

Charleston could well be Annabel’s crowning glory tomorrow and might be one considered for the pimp slot

This was the sort of fast Latin you felt Ellie needed to excel in to advance her potential winner claims. She now has paso to an instrumental of a Faithless classic. Again, she looked a bit too frenetic in the mid-week training clip but at least she has the right sort of song to help create drama.

Amanda’s foxtrot highlighted her consistency. CCC is another technical dance for her, and she’s now had three of those in a row. This is potentially helpful for her with a good few aces up her sleeve, left to play later in the series, and with Halloween Week just around the corner, the week Giovanni historically tops the judges’ leaderboard.

Layton’s dance choices in the first 5 weeks are also noteworthy. After tomorrow he will have burnt through three highly suitable fast Latins for him. His salsa might prove the ideal opener.

It was a good effort by Annabel with her jive. It’s unlucky for her she is in such a strong year on the female side. That said, Charleston could well be her crowning glory tomorrow and might be one considered for the pimp slot. The song choice doesn’t seem right but we have been promised a twist.

Eddie appears to have been given the ideal opportunity to bounce back from his dance-off appearance with an AfroBeats-themed samba

The other obvious contender for the pimp has to be Angela R dancing the first AT of the series to the perfect AT piece of music. This should be a triumph for her and keep her on course for Blackpool.

In terms of the 4th elimination, Eddie appears to have been given the ideal opportunity to bounce back from his dance-off appearance with an AfroBeats-themed samba.

Zara did well with her VW last week and could potentially build on that with her AS which will also be foxtrot-based. On paper, the famous LeAnn Rimes track looks more suitable than Angela S’s choice of Madonna’s ‘Cherish’.

This leaves Adam who has been under the weather this week. He’s arriving on the back of a superb waltz, a genre that is a Luba specialty.

A CC set to a Backstreet Boys Medley doesn’t leap out as one of the evening’s strongest routines, and while Eddie looks on the up, it just might be Adam who discovers the knives are out for him this time. TPTB were ruthlessly efficient once more getting rid of Jody last week and we should probably anticipate more of the same tomorrow.

Please do let us know who got your week 5 vote(s) when the exit poll opens during tomorrow night’s show:

Strictly 2023 Exit Poll – Week 5

Week 5 dances & songs:

Adam and Luba: Couple’s Choice (Street) to Backstreet Boys Medley by Backstreet Boys

Amanda and Giovanni: Cha Cha Cha to Canned Heat by Jamiroquai

Annabel and Johannes: Charleston to Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang

Angela R and Kai: Argentine Tango to Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor

Angela S and Carlos: American Smooth to Cherish by Madonna

Bobby and Dianne: Viennese Waltz to golden hour by JVKE

Eddie and Karen: Samba to Calm Down by Rema ft. Selena Gomez

Ellie and Vito: Paso Doble to Insomnia by Faithless

Krishnan and Lauren: Quickstep to The Lady Is A Tramp by Frank Sinatra

Layton and Nikita: Salsa to Quimbara by Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz

Nigel and Katya: Foxtrot to I Just Want To Make Love To You by Etta James

Zara and Graziano: American Smooth to Can’t Fight The Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes


  1. Lucy

    Angela S needs an outstanding dance to get some attention and stand out from the rest. Question is, when will this be….. Her Charleston was up there however, didn’t make as much of an impact as initially thought which you addressed previously

    • Rob

      Hi Lucy. Yes, agree. Not sure it will be tonight but I can see her CC routine being a stand out down the line. Shirley mentioned rumba previously, AT is an obvious one, QS should be good and I’m interested to see her tackle a samba or salsa.

      • Lucy

        Has there been any mention of what her CC routine could be? Yes agree the style of dances mentioned would suit well. Hope to start seeing them soon

  2. Donna

    Amanda has pulled out of tomorrow’s show due to ‘medical reasons’,
    I’ve seen quite a few articles this week varying on her & Giovanni chemistry & naming them as potential winners. I hope the pressure isn’t getting to her.
    It’s a shame we won’t see their CCC. I was looking forward to it.

    • Rob

      Hi Donna. It is a bit of a mystery right now. Maybe they will tell us more this evening. Halloween Week next week which is historically Giovanni’s strongest week – I think he has always previously top-scored?

      • Donna

        Yes Giovanni always tops the Halloween leaderboard so I imagine he won’t want to miss that, so let’s hope Amanda is better to perform next week.

        As for last night show, quite a few nerves based on some mistakes. I was quite disappointed with Angela S, has she peaked too soon. Eddi samba was poor, as was Zara’s dance. Be interesting who is in the d/o but imagine it’s one of these 3.

  3. Lucy

    I can’t see how Angela S will ever overtake Bobby at this stage. Its his to loose imo

    • Stoney

      The key for me last night was the fact they mentioned potential again. I would expect the reigns to be loosened next weekend now.

      • Rob

        I definitely get a strong whiff of TPTB playing the long game with Angela S. Never going to take the competition by storm dancing an AS to ‘Cherish’. She continues to ‘simmer under’, as predicted.

  4. Lucy

    I somewhat disagree and see TPTB trying to bring her down and then out. Ellie and Bobby’s treatment has been a lot more favourable and they have become established favourites with viewers and I can’t see them favouring Angela S over them any time soon. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong though

    • Stoney

      Would totally go against the grain of historical favouring of Bbc employees for them to do this. But we shall see.

  5. Stoney

    Absolutely no point whatsoever, to pre plant Rhumba in people’s minds as a stand out dance, if they didn’t have a bigger picture lined up for her. Ellie is too young to win this as well. Will need a full blown amount of manipulation and dark arts to get her over the line.
    I would also say Amanda’s withdrawal works in Angela’s favour.

    • Lucy

      Angela S and Carlos are dancing a Paso Doble to BLACK swan SWAN lake by District 78

  6. Stoney

    Dances revealed. Paso for Angela S, with no replication of the same dance. Expecting a better week for sure!

    • Lucy

      Let’s hope so Stoney! The last couple of weeks has been difficult to watch! How do you think she’ll get on with a Paso?

      • Stoney

        Depends on how you view things. Ideally she would be odds on favourite by now, but things don’t really work like that with female strictly winners (Rose aside)
        I am confident enough that no one has got a hefty lead in this competition yet. I am also confident enough they won’t favour an ITV star ahead of one of their own. Plenty of good positive signs in the comments for Angela to keep our hopes alive for sure. And the Paso was one of Stacey Dooleys strongest dances, so I am certainly optimistic that this will be a strong dance.

  7. Lucy

    Let’s hope Angela will do it justice and this will be the standout dance that she needs

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