Strictly’s Eighth Betting Wonder

Oct 10, 2010 by

It’s very early days in Strictly and the market has already convinced itself this year’s competition is a 4-horse race – Matt, Kara, Jimi and Scott trading considerably lower than any other contestant.
While Pamela Stephenson has been the subject of a gamble having performed well over the first two weeks, at current prices we much prefer the credentials of fellow oldie Patsy Kensit at 66s to win with Betfred and bodog, and 50s ew with Ladbrokes.
Patsy’s ballroom wasn’t the best in week one but it was hugely promising the way she threw herself into her 1st fast Latin last night, showing a fair degree of potential.
By all accounts her training up to now has been heavily restricted by her Holby City work, but having now finished on the show, she looks motivated to hit the training room hard and could prove to be a massive improver over the weeks.
As for her profile, she has had a chequered romantic past but SCD could end up being the platform for her redemption. She has come across well in early edits and looks like she will endear herself to viewers (especially the older, female voter) – showing vulnerability, not being as trim or glamorous as she once was, but ready to work hard and give it her best.
The younger, prettier females in the competition – Kara, Tina & Michelle – all look suspect in terms of temperament and general likability, so 25s Patsy to be Top Female with Ladbrokes is also stunning value.
While we certainly haven’t given up on Felicity improving and ending up in contention, despite her slow start and drifting back out in the betting, we would suggest laying Kara at anything below 4-1 on the Outright (having advised backing her at 5s) and around Evens to be Top Female (having advised backing her at 5-2).
Rob Furber

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