Susanna Poised To Lift Glitterball

Dec 19, 2013 by

Susanna Poised To Lift Glitterball

This year’s Strictly has been a vintage one in terms of trading opportunities on Betfair and for this site in flagging up value trades. Heading towards Saturday night’s final, the Outright market remains skittish in trying to solve the puzzle of this first ever 4-female final.

Regular readers will be aware the view here has been that Susanna has very likely been leading the way on the public vote series-long. Courtesy of vote leak supremo, the Daily Star, we know that Susanna received more than double the votes of Sophie in the quarter-final, with Abbey and Natalie hot on Sophie’s heels.

This was the week Susanna was last on the leaderboard, so there was more motivation to vote, but nonetheless it is an impressive polling performance and may well be a reflection of the sort of vote she has been consistently pulling in.

In last week’s semi-final we know that Abbey outpolled Natalie. Abbey had a terrific show and it is not beyond the realms of possibility she outpolled Sophie too. There is a sense Abbey is building some late momentum and it would come as no surprise to see the judges really ramping her on Saturday night.

The first dances on Saturday will be the judges’ choices. The idea behind these choices is the judges think they can be improved upon. Abbey’s waltz was impressive for week 1 and scored 32. Given her improvement this looks virtually nailed on for a 40.

This could make it harder for Sophie to achieve a perfect 40 as she also has a waltz of the Viennese variety. Certainly the floaty romance of Abbey’s waltz to Des’ree’s ‘Kissing You’ has more scope to enchant viewers compared to a VW to ‘My Favourite Things’ which scored Sophie 36 in week 10.

Natalie’s week 1 CCC landed her 31. This was one of her more memorable routines set to Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’. Since it is the only fast Latin routine in the first round of dances, this looks a strong contender to open the show.

Denise Van Outen, also bottom 2 in the semi-final, opened last year’s Strictly final with her jive. Running order could be telling. Last year, Louis Smith had the pimp slot.

You have to think Sophie and Abbey’s waltzes will be kept apart in the running order, so they could be placed 2 and 4, or 1 and 3, with Susanna’s QS most likely squeezed in between. Given series-long treatment, Abbey looks more likely to land the later slot. Saturday afternoon’s rehearsal pics and running order pointer will be feverishly anticipated.

Susanna’s week 10 QS achieved 33pts. It was a dance she lost timing in. If she nails the timing, she has the chance to shine. It is a potential crowd-pleaser too set to an ideal piece of ballroom music in ‘Good Morning’ from Singin’ in the Rain.

In round 2 we will see the couples perform their showdances. ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ is a rather dubious song choice for Abbey, and not exactly voter-friendly, while ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ for Sophie is somewhat cliched. Brendan has previous in choreographing a misfiring showdance. Back in 2008, he offered up this with Lisa Snowdon:

Abbey’s showdance involves paso. It is highly likely Sophie’s showdance will see her being lifted, spun and kept off the dancefloor for extended periods as judging by that Lisa number Brendan loves nothing more than showing off his strength.

Natalie has a classy number in ‘Steppin’ Out With My Baby’ and this will be a Fred and Ginger-inspired, ballroom mash up. Even if she lands a maximum 40pts this could still not be enough to save her from finishing 4th as you sense all of Abbey, Sophie and Susanna have built solid and loyal followings and it is hard to see their support waning.

Denise bounced into 2nd place last year having been in the semi-final dance-off. This was aided by an amazing showdance she put in with James Jordan. There is a ‘best dancer’ vote that kicks in in the Strictly final. The worry for Natalie is, this is probably more likely to go to Abbey. It will likely require the pimp slot for Natalie and a massive judges’ ramp to give her a chance of making the top 3.

The potential stand-out, in terms of song choice, is Susanna’s showdance set to ‘Your Song’. This routine could set itself apart from the other 3 as something ethereal featuring elements of her excellent waltz with all of its spins and pivots. Last year, Louis and Flavia took the road less travelled with their showdance which was like a piece of performance art that cleverly differentiated itself from the rest.

It looks like phone lines will open after the showdances and it will be at the start of the 2nd show that we will discover who has finished in 4th place. Then the remaining 3 couples will dance their choices.

Abbey has QS which landed her 37 at Blackpool in week 8 and will likely see her achieve another maximum. This dance set to ‘Walking On Sunshine’ certainly has some wow factor. Natalie’s AS looks the weakest choice. It landed her 36 in week 10 and while technically proficient it didn’t blow viewers away, much like a lot of Natalie’s dances series-long.

The 2 dances that definitely possess the wow factor are Sophie’s Charleston – which scored 36 in week 2 – and Susanna’s paso doble, which scored 39 at Blackpool in week 8. Can either of this land a knock-out blow? Probably not. More likely they will consolidate Sophie’s support and Susanna’s support.

The great unknown is just how the judges are going to play it. Usually they are quite even-handed in their praise on final night but we might see some telling ramps and deramps, especially after the showdances.

In-running betting on Betfair could well fluctuate wildly, matching the nature of the entire series. One thing to take on board is that maximum scores and being top of the judges’ leaderboard can count for very little in changing the opinions of voters, and the Strictly final is decided by public vote alone.

In the 3-couple 2008 final, Lisa Snowdon landed 2 maximums for her foxtrot and CCC, and was fully 7pts ahead of Tom Chambers. Lisa finished 3rd; Tom won.

This final is by no means clear cut, and the judges’ comments on the night could count for more than usual, but based on what we know regarding the public vote, Susanna looks far and away the most likely winner pre-show, and it will require a concerted judges’ deramp of her, and ramp of someone else if they want to try and get her beaten, which seems unlikely.

Natalie is a best-priced 10-11 to finish 4th. While the view here is she will most likely finish 4th, this only makes limited appeal. If it turns out she is 1st in the running order it would certainly make more appeal so best to hold off until Saturday afternoon.

Only if Natalie is given the pimp slot would the Susanna/Natalie straight forecast at 10-1 with Stan James come into play as a value wager in the hope 2nd and 3rd are not revealed and this ends up settled as a dead-heat winner. If Natalie is on 1st, the value will lie in dutching the Susanna/Abbey and Susanna/Sophie straight forecasts at 7-2 and 4-1 respectively with Stan James.

Here is the list of dances and songs in full:

Abbey & Aljaz:
Judges’ Choice: Waltz to ‘Kissing You’ by Des’ree
Showdance: Some paso content, ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns N Roses
Couples’ Favourite: Quickstep to ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves

Natalie & Artem:
Judges’ Choice: Cha Cha Cha to Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’
Showdance: Ballroom, Fred & Ginger-inspired, ‘Steppin’ Out with My Baby’ by Christina Aguilera and Tony Bennett
Couples’ Favourite: American Smooth to Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going’

Sophie & Brendan:
Judges’ Choice: Viennese Waltz to ‘My Favourite Things’ by Julie Andrews
Showdance: Incorporating some big lifts, ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ by Whitney Houston
Couples’ Favourite: Charleston to ‘Rock It For Me’ by Caravan Palace

Susanna & Kevin:
Judges’ Choice: Quickstep to Tommy Steele’s ‘Good Morning’
Showdance: Incorporating some waltz, ‘Your Song’ by Ewan MacGregor
Couples’ Favourite: Paso Doble to Carmen’s ‘Los Toreadors’


    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Just re-watching Kimberley’s booty-shaking showdance to Crazy in Love in last year’s final. Craig opened the feedback with: ‘Indecent, improper, absolute filth darling – I loved it!

      I remember Rob predicting that Kimbo’s sexualised routine would be a vote turn-off and he was proved spot-on.

      Am annoyed because the SF market is very intriguing and I was eyeing that 25/1 for Sophie/Nat as an interesting cover bet.
      Might stick with my win cover bets on Abbey and Sophie.

      I wonder if Sophie’s graceful presence in the final has influenced Artem’s decision to go with saucy choreography? Sophie fills the graceful niche so beautifully, and her Viennese Waltz will be divine. It’s difficult to compete with that and her.

  1. zoomrkaer

    pole dancing doesn’t have to be about minge flashing it can just be about making beautiful shapes and Nat says hers won’t be raunchy in that article

    • Perhaps, but her downfall will likely be by association over actual content.

      • zoomrkaer

        and there’s no getting away from the fact the poll is essentially a phallic symbol

        • Guildo Horn Forever

          I haven’t pole danced myself, but I know one and she’s a ridiculously strong girl. She didn’t used to be, but training on the pole has given her tremendous core power.

          I’m perplexed at Artem’s choice here.

          Didn’t Natalie nearly leave the competition earlier in the series because of a reoccurrence of a disc injury in her back? And since that time she’s also fainted during rehearsals.

          But Artem has choreographed a pole dancing routine? What?

          If she’s upside down on the pole a) the gymnastic strain of holding that position will be terrific and b) although being upside down is unlikely to induce fainting, if she does faint, then being upside down on a pole is a dangerous place to be.

          If her legs open wide (while upside down on the pole, for instance) at any stage Middle England won’t be impressed. If she uses the pole solely at ground level, it may come across as a burlesque routine – which would be worse still.

          But as you say, zoomraker, Natalie insists it won’t be raunchy. Perhaps she’ll be using the pole the way that Gene Kelly uses a lamp-post in Singin’ In The Rain. If so, and if done (like you suggest, zoomraker) artisitically, it could be a Cirque Du Soleilo masterstroke from Artem, that memorably differentiates Natalie from the rest of her competitors. Plus the integral pole “prop” will concentrate attention on Natalie (not Artem).

  2. robd

    Wasnt denise only joint 2nd last year ?

    Do you think there is any chance that a decision whether or not to call out 1st 2nd and 3rd or just 1st and joint runner-up could depend on who finishes in those spots ?

    So in denise case she was probably the best dancer and also on the tour so having her as runner-up rather than third would have suited them

    • Rob

      Yes, Rob, that’s why I was eyeing up the forecast involving Natalie. Last year, 2nd and 3rd were not officially announced so the bookies had to settle straight forecasts involving Kim and Denise as dead-heat winners.

      The same looks on the cards this year as it’s the exact same format, 4-couple final, with one eliminated and 3 left, with only the winner presumably announced.

      We only learnt afterwards, courtesy of the Daily Star, that Denise was 2nd but this was not recognised by the bookies. They would only settle on the official word of the BBC. But we know the Daily Star is always correct with its vote leak info.

  3. Tasha

    Really looking forward to my first strictly final and based on what I have read and the views of others on here I am hoping for a Susanna win. It’d make my Christmas very merry 🙂

  4. zoomrkaer

    From today’s Guardian – “Reid joked that she had won more votes in last weeks semi final because her partner Kevin had “showed his chest””

    Was this a completely innocent joke by susanna or has someone tipped her the voting info?

  5. zoomrkaer

    doesn’t have to be overt though does it Rob

    could just be a nod and a wink.

    the bbc is a pretty incestuous nest of vipers

  6. Rob

    Possible pointer to running order, from the Radio Times:

    Mark Jefferies
    3:31 PM, 20 December 2013

    At Elstree studios today, the nervous Strictly finalists had their last rehearsals in the ballroom before the show proper.

    I was lucky enough to be invited down to watch by the BBC, and unsurprisingly I can guarantee you are in for the time of your lives on Saturday night. It is the closest and most exciting Strictly final I can remember.

    At this late stage I don’t really want to choose a winner. I have previously urged readers to give Natalie Gumede a chance, and Sophie Ellis Bextor and Brendan Cole are wonderful together.

    But I suppose if pushed, my heart says Susanna Reid will win whereas my head is leaning towards Abbey Clancy.

    The second dance of the night will be the Showdance and I think as vote lines will be open now they will largely decide who lifts the Glitterball trophy.

    Show bosses have helped create four very different performances, showing off lots of variety on the dance floor.

    Sophie and Brendan are dancing to Whitney Houston with giant disco balls and lasers to really get the party started.

    Natalie Gumede has poles to dance and skip around, but I think it is one of the two other girls who will steal the show.

    Abbey Clancy and Alijaz Skorjanec have sharp spiky moves which brilliantly compliment their song choice of Sweet Child O’ Mine.

    With dry ice and fire they are going down in flames if they don’t win.

    And Susanna Reid and Kevin “from Grimsby” Clifton are trying to tug on the heart strings with their dance. There were even a few BBC workers welling up at Elstree as they went through a version of Your Song.

    There will be a third dance in the results show but the Showdances are the new and unseen ones for this week which I feel will shape the voting.

    Abbey is possibly the best dancer, the most graceful. But like millions of others I love watching Susanna and Kevin, and their popularity, as well as a great Showdance, could be enough for the win.

    Whatever happens, all four women may well cry. The mood at Elstree is not one of competition and rivalries but the feeling that something special is ending.

    The finalists all watch each other rehearse and cheer and encourage.

    Their bond was summed up by Susanna who I overheard telling the other three girls: “We are friends for life”.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Great spot, information and insight.

      Inspired me to have a look at this week’s Radio Times.

      There’s an article inside on the imminent final from Susanna.
      Even funnier, the 2 page spread shows only 3 of the 4 couples. I couldn’t spot Abbey and Aljaz.

  7. A nice insight from The Mirror. Need a wash after reading it though!

  8. Boki

    I wonder is there a value in Abbey’s price for 4th place?

  9. Rob

    Looks like Susanna is 1st on, then Abbey, then Nat, then Sophie.

    Coral have highest and lowest scorer markets. Looks like Susanna over-priced for highest and Nat over-priced for lowest. It is not clear if it is based on ALL dances, or whether it is highest score on the night for ANY dance, and lowest score on the night for ANY dance.

    Either way, you have to fancy Susanna to land a 40 even if it’s a dead-heat. And if it’s over the 3 dances, then Nat will definitely be lowest scorer if out 1st as she will only have 2 dances scored whereas the others will have all 3 dances scored.

    Ope to interpretation but could be worth chancing 8-1 Susanna highest scorer and 9-1 Natalie lowest scorer. Nat’s CCC could easily be the lowest scoring individual dance.

  10. I thought the order the photos were posted suggested the following order:

    Sophie, Natalie, Abbey, Susanna

  11. Rob

    On the Gallery shots, Susanna’s showdance was 1st up. Who knows?

    • Tim B

      I’m inclined to think that the Radio Times guy’s order was correct as the money is still piling in for Susanna.

      • Rob

        I’m not so sure, Tim, as the News/Gallery feed has been a very accurate pointer to the running order series-long.

        If Sophie is on last she certainly has a lifeline as her Charleston, as the last dance of the night, will swell her vote.

        A lot depends on how the judges play it with Susanna’s QS and showdance, if she is on 1st. If she gets the timing right for the QS & receives the plaudits, & some 10s, no harm done. If she goes wrong again, they pick up on it, and score her comparatively low, it’s a little damaging.

        Her showdance is a quieter more emotional number. Putting it on 1st would take something away from it, with the full on routines with lifts still to come from Abbey and Sophie.

        The biggest thing in Susanna’s favour is Abbey/Sophie/Nat are all splitting the same sort of vote, whereas you sense Susanna & Kevin are fishing in a different pond, and there is no reason why her season-long support should not hold firm from these older viewers, who mostly do not express their opinions online.

        • Tim B

          Perhaps they have changed the order since Thursday then. Maybe TPTB figured that being on last, there would be far less chance that she’d be eliminated first, and therefore she’s more likely to get through and so everyone will get to see her Charleston. Abbey and Natalie’s dances have to be separated, as outlined above, and Susanna’s PV is probably so robust that she’ll walk it even being first on. It would also dismiss any claims she’s being favoured as a BBC employee and it looks fairer after all these front page voting leak stories.

  12. Rob

    Coral prices for first 2 dances combined. Probably still value in both those prices.

  13. Rob

    If you are biggest green on Susanna winning, one clever & cheap way to cover would be to back the Abbey/Sophie, Sophie/Abbey forecasts, both at 14-1.

    Assuming 2nd & 3rd will not be announced, & assuming Nat is out 1st, if either of Abbey or Sophie is announced the winner, you have a 14-1 winning bet likely paid out as a dead-heat.

  14. Rob

    Crazy big price of 14.5 Sophie on BF. Abbey far too short for me at 2.62 & could even be 1st out.

    Still think Nat most likely 4th and Susanna most likely winner but we could be in for a shock.

    • Tim B

      I think any potential shock would be Sophie out first, although she did have the pimp slot and there was a mention she’d be doing the Charleston if she got through. Susanna should win, especially with the Paso still to come. Thought the flames & rock music weren’t good for Abbey and her routine was highly sexualised.

  15. Rob

    Not entirely surprised by the result, esp after hearing 6 million votes cast.

    Abbey was obviously flagged up on this site in the series preview, at 16s, 14s e/w, & 15-2 to be TF.

    It has been a great Strictly series taking a trader’s approach. Susanna remained my biggest green but Abbey/Sophie were next best. Just pleased Nat didn’t blow my book as they really tried to ramp her.

    Would love to know voting figs. We will have to wait for the D.Star to reveal who came 2nd.

    Hope it was a profitable series for all readers.

  16. Boki

    It was a rather frustrating season for me due to the simple fact that I couldn’t get ANY of the big prices by those bookies offering them, was basically bound to leftovers on betfair. Also wasn’t involved in OR until late stages (built massive green around Su with covers on Abb/Soph, I wish I greened out when Abb drifted tonight). So at the end earned some peanuts which is better than losing (since the only show I watched was second part of tonight’s final).
    I have just donated a small amount to your site Rob, you are doing a great job here and I hope other lurkers will do the same.

    • Rob

      Thanks Boki. That is very kind of you. Sorry your profits weren’t bigger. This run of autumn tv betting with XF and SCD has kept us all on our toes.

      I imagine it was very close between Abbey and Susanna. On reflection, they cleverly deramped Susanna putting her on first, Darcy saying her showdance was not a wow dance, then really going to town bigging up Abbey, and Natalie.

      They clearly didn’t want Sophie to win so the Nat ramp was with a view to getting her in the final ahead of Sophie. A vote to win is different from a vote to save but on all known variables, I think the correct position was to keep Susanna as your biggest winner. That north-west regional vote must have helped Abbey enormously.

  17. Boki

    And if I may add, I was little surprised to see Abb winning because of that best dancer vote split theory which was holding to the very end since Nat had a good night and survived to top3.

    • Rob

      Yep, I thought Natalie would have taken ‘best dancer’ votes from Abbey, and certainly Abbey’s showdance wasn’t middle England friendly.

      The lack of transparency with BBC voting figures is very frustrating.

  18. steve

    Hi Rob,

    Just wanted to thank you for your invaluable insights into the world of Strictly and X factor. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable ride and I made modest profits on both competitions. As a thank you I’ve donated some of these winnings to your site as I’m hoping you will continue your trading tips for Eurovision next year. Have a fantastic festive season. All the best to you.

    • Rob

      Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. It has been a profitable run with XF & SCD in 2013 but sadly no Little Mix this year for that real big-priced coup. All you can do is try and make a steady profit over the long term & that has certainly been the case since this site was founded back in August 2009.

      Looking forward to the ESC 2014 season. Here’s hoping for a profitable one 🙂

  19. hemsby

    I’d like to echo Steve’s sentiments.

    The coverage of X Factor and SCD odds over the last couple of months has been excellent.That, aligned to an entertaining style of writing has made this site compulsive reading each week.

    A small token of appreciation has been sent,although I must say I’m slightly concerned that the entry on my statement will read Entertain me !

    Best wishes,and I look forward to more articles in 2014.

    • Rob

      Thanks very much hems. I think a good few of us might have been a bit wealthier heading into Christmas had Susanna clung on for the Strictly crown. But Strictly was a good money spinner series-long this year, as were the XF weekly markets.

      So, a quiet January ahead what with The Voice, Dancing On Ice, Celebrity big Brother, Splash and Eurovision 2014 season gearing up. No rest on the tv betting front.

  20. Guildo Horn Forever

    Thanks Rob for your exceptional tipping, selectivity and insights – all season long. You’re excellent and know your stuff inside-out.

    If I weren’t such an inveterate cheapskate, I too might donate something more substantial than lots of words.(I hope I’m not decreasing site traffic!!)

    Merry Christmas and a profitable New Year everyone 😀

    • Rob

      I appreciate all your thought out contributions, Guildo, and long may they continue.

      A happy Christmas and profitable 2014 to you, and all readers!!

  21. Guildo Horn Forever

    Hi Rob,

    Was thinking of having a bet on the Melodifestivalen, but am not sure what I’m doing!!

    Have had a few small bets on the heats in previous years – and that’s the sum total of my experience.

    I see the markets are up for it, but am wondering when will it be possible to actually listen to the songs of the contenders?

    • Rob

      Hi Guildo,

      It will be in the week leading up to each heat that snippets of the songs will be released and you will be able to find reviews of the songs among those at the rehearsals. I would advise visiting the main ESC forum sites such as for the latest rehearsal news.

      You will also see the qualification odds swiftly adjusted. I have only studied MF seriously in the last 2 years. In 2012 I thought Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ was a stand out and it turned out you could back her to win MF 2012 at bigger odds than she ended up to win ESC 2012!!

      There is usually some excellent value lurking both in the Outright and qualification markets. It is total guesswork before we have heard the songs though we can possibly gain some clues from the running orders.

      Pimp slot in heat 1 is historically one of the best places to be. And given Helena Paparizou’s past ESC form – winning the Contest for Greece in 2005 with ‘My Number One’ – and the fact she has been persuaded back this year to try and qualify for her country of birth after apparently many years of pleading from MF head honcho Christer Bjorkman, you would have to presume ‘Survivor’ is decent, and she would be my early value pick at 12-1 with Ladbrokes.

  22. Guildo Horn Forever

    Hi guys,

    Anyone got involved in the Brucie replacement market? I took 5s (or perhaps 6s) for Tony last year (which I thought was value), so was staggered to stumble across 10s for him the other day.

    There seems to be a succession of rumour candidates being cannonballed into the head of the market, but most of them make only limited sense to me. I certainly find Claudia’s 4/11 favourite status surprising.

    If there was a public vote I’m sure Anton would waltz to an easy victory. The BEEB seem to be making a raft of sensible decisions re their Saturday night entertainment programmes, so I feel they may indeed plump for the obvious choice.

    I notice most bookies have suspended their markets. Meaning an announcement is imminent; or is yet another new and hotly tipped candidate about to materialise at near the head of the betting?

    Come on Anton!

    • Rob

      From what I heard Guildo, Claudia had 1st refusal. Whether she accepts is another matter.

      I personally could envision Claudia as it would be a bold, modern, non-discriminatory PC statement by the Beeb (how it likes to be viewed) – moving away from the traditional male entertainer hosting, and offering 2 women the chance to front the Beeb’s flagship Sat night show.

      • Guildo Horn Forever

        Darn and shucks! Thanks for the inside info, Rob.

        I like Claudia a lot. She’s a talented, quirky girl. I was hoping the BBC might take the opportunity to get rid of Tess, by going for an Anton-Claudia presenting team (with Anton as the Brucie replacement).

        Anton’s nearly 50 and, in terms of athleticism, no match for the likes of Artem etc. I thought the BBC would be keen to keep Anton on board (he’s a charming, witty chap who’s v popular with the viewership, yeah?)and Brucie stepping down recently seemed convenient timing.

        Ah well! If Claudia doesn’t take it, I think Anton might still move into pole position.

        Fingers crossed.

        • Rob

          Yes, Claudia may be happier with her current role as ‘2nd fiddle’ on the results show. I think the reason Claudia was drafted in for the results show was that Brucie couldn’t cope with recording 2 shows on a Sat night. You might expect the new ‘presenter’ to be requested to front both shows. Or perhaps more likely, they will reverse it on the Sun night results show, so Claudia continues with Lens Lense etc as ‘2nd fiddle’, but is ‘1st fiddle’ on Sat night with Tess back stage interviewing contestants after they have danced & Claudia doing Brucie’s former duties asking the judges for their opinions etc.

          • Guildo Horn Forever

            On another SCD note (though on a different piano – maybe a Steinway!), Rob, have you been catching any DWTS this year?

            I’m on Danica and Amy and am pleased with their current prices. But I have to add that I think the respective 3/1 and 6/1 odds feel, if anything, the wrong way around to me.

            If anyone can stop Meryl (or Charlie), I’m thinking maybe Amy can do it. She has the story of stories and the hi-vis USP of hi-vis USPs.


            Even more respect for this lady. She marries a guy operating several divisions below her and pulls off achievements such as this…


            What a woman!

          • Rob

            I love Victoria Coren as a media pundit and as a writer, Guildo, and highly recommend her poker memoir – ‘For Richer For Poorer’ – if you have not read it.

            Sorry to inform, not been following DWTS so unable to offer any advice there.

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