Frances Survives, Ruth Impresses

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Well, it seems like Frances made it through despite being given a shocker of a song in ‘Ain’t Nobody’ though at time of writing we do not know if she was in the bottom 2, and if she was bottom 2 her days are almost definitely numbered. Best of all she came across as very likeable and appears to have established a good relationship with her mentor, Mr Will.I.Am. We cling to the hope that given better song choices she could really fly, and prove the ‘springer’ in this market.
What is abundantly clear after seeing last night’s show is that they are going to massively pimp the contestants they have already decided have the best voices and who they want in the final. Namely, Jaz and Ruth from live show 1.
We are happy to be against Jaz in this series as to us he sounds like an over-blown hotel lobby performer. However, we now seriously rate Ruth’s chances – yes, we know this is a backtrack from yesterday’s pre-lives preview, but you’ve always got to be prepared to change your opinion, and market position as a trader.

Ruth looks the chosen one to us – or at the very least, one of the chosen few –and she already looks a shoe-in for the final. Last up on the night, the standing ovation, the tears, the gushing praise… Simon Cowell would have been proud. But the key with Ruth is, she strikes us as an endearing young lady viewers will gladly take to their hearts. We reckon the public will support her regardless of the levels of pimp-age deployed by the Beeb. And given equal pimp-age, we would back her to beat Jaz in a straight head-to-head.
For the future credibility of the show, they will probably want a first winner who possesses a serious voice, so Ruth ticks that box big time. We also wonder if the Beeb would like Sir Tom to have the winner in his stable. After all, how would it look if the legendary Welsh crooner loses out to Jessie J, Will.I.Am or that other fella?
A widely-available 7-2 Ruth on the Outright strikes us as value given what took place last night.
We’re off now to purchase one of those Star Trek jackets as worn by Will.I.Am last night we hope to be sporting at tonight’s London Eurovision gig. Keep an eye out tomorrow when we will report our findings. It should be informative with the likes of Anggun, Sabina Babayeva, Compact Disco, Slovenia’s Eva Boto and Donny Montell performing. We can only hope Donny hasn’t forgotten his blindfold.
Rob Furber

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