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It’s a sad but true statement of fact that there are thousands watching X Factor who implicitly believe everything Simon Cowell says. The makers of X Factor know this, astute X Factor punters know this, and Cowell’s desperate trumpeting of Danyl – which reached new levels of adulation combined with sycophancy last night – leads us to conclude he will (sadly) escape elimination tonight and progress to the final.
Danyl’s rendition of Man In The Mirror made us almost give up the will to live. Not just the sheer, ear-aching torture of his vocal – but the manipulative images of polar bears on ice caps that appeared behind him followed by the even more manipulative gall of the judges, in particular Cowell, in telling us how brilliant it was. Check it out:

Joe should breeze through on the back of two more good performances, and rave reviews – in his case more justified – from the judges.
Stacey put in a pretty average first song, but retrieved things with her second. Regardless, as stated by us many times previously, she is so likeable and has built up so much good will that it’s hard to see her poll suddenly dwindling enough to put her in danger. Every time she chats to Dermot post-song, you can almost see her vote meter going up by a thousand votes per second.
Olly’s two songs were nothing more than ok, he has started to look very one-dimensional in recent weeks, and given his more suspect fan base Olly at 10-11 to be eliminated has to be the call.
On the outright, Joe is looking more and more nailed on but all the value has dried up, while Stacey has drifted to 9-2 which is simply too big in what appears a 2-horse race.
The biggest shock tonight would be Olly or Danyl announced safe first. On the assumption Olly will be eliminated and Danyl will be safe, we would also recommend backing Danyl to be the first act announced safe, available at 100-30 with bet365.
Rob Furber

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