Lady Luck About To Run Out?

Nov 27, 2010 by

Manipulation of X Factor is beyond belief this series, double eliminations turning into single ones when the wrong individuals look like falling into the bottom 3, blatantly contrived press stories to try and turn the public against the likes of Wagner and Matt, and crank up sympathy for Katie, and transparent attempts by the botox-injected freaks on the panel to bring about certain contestants downfall.
It has been a tremendous effort by the Wagner faithful to keep the great man in, and he did brilliantly to duck the Cheryl Cole bullets last week and come out of the encounter with his reputation, if anything, enhanced, but with a double elimination on the cards, he is still under serious threat this weekend. Cher will likely get a ramp and a bounce and with Katie living a charmed life on the show, the two we see as the elimination value are Mary and Rebecca.
12-1 with SkyBet for Rebecca to be one of the two eliminated is simply too big to resist as her stock plummeted last week, while Mary – who only has one way of singing which grew wearisome in about week 3 – surely cannot last much longer purely on the good will of her Tescos co-workers and at a generally available 9-2 is good value to be first eliminated. As for Wagner, here’s hoping he survives if only to ensure we get to see more performances like last week’s:
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