Nick To Escape Sniper’s Bullet

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Nick To Escape Sniper’s Bullet

Luke up first. And he has the worst pick of this week’s songs. A bottom 2 lock? This song was unrecognisable for me. Sharon calls it ‘wishy’; think she means ‘wishy washy’. She sounds sozzled again. Nicole strikes a negative note too. Louis begs for votes from Devon. Hmm…?

Nick in the far from favoured 2 slot. So it looks like they are trying to force him into the bottom 2. He butchered ‘Halo’. Stop crying says Louis, because he knows the tears are a vote winner. What utter sh*tbags these Syco stooges are. Did they nobble him with the sound mix as well, as he pulled his ear-piece out in disgust? This is transparently Nick vs the X Factor machine.

Sam B next. Why give them Beyonce songs this week? This is very underwhelming too. Sam is rather shouty and cannot cope with this either. Make that 3 below-average efforts so far. What a great X Factor we have this year. Louis says it is Sam B’s to lose. The only ones to lose it in this series are TPTB.

Only 3 songs in and if not financially invested in this show, the channel would be changed at this point. Rough Copy receive their 2nd consecutive pimp slot. So they appear to be trying to push them clear of the bottom 2 but is this remotely palatable to middle England tuning in to ITV on a Saturday night?

Nicole appears to have taken over as their mentor while Louis suggests they should have toned it down. Pull the reins in says Sharon. This is all rather distracting stuff from the judges.

No surprise they have pulled the old switcheroo on Nick, now giving him the opening berth in round 2. Louis must have said ‘Scottish’ and ‘Scotland’ at least 4 times in the first minute of his VT.

Nick is disappearing into a giant illuminated pencil as he starts this song and the camera pans away. Distracting dancers too trying to ensure no connection with viewers. So many long shots. This is straight out of the ‘stitch up’ bag of staging tricks. Louis surprisingly requests votes from Scotland. Nick has played this well overall.

The second Luke song is about as dull and forgettable as Elton songs get. The panel look bored to tears too. The panel’s comments do not inspire voters. We suggested Luke should be backed for bottom 2 at 4-7. After this, he should be a lot shorter and looks a bottom 2 banker.

Rough Copy on 3rd so not the double pimp for them. But we did hear them referred to by their names in their VT. They get the intimate cafe bar setting at song start but this doesn’t help their vocals come together. This went downhill from start to finish. The panel told us they were great repeating the series-long pattern. It doesn’t wash and they didn’t really throw the kitchen sink at this ramp.

Sam B gets the best selling Elton song in the UK, up last. She is sailing through to the final. A chance for voter complacency? Unlikely. It all points to a Rough Copy vs Luke bottom 2 and Luke being eliminated. The value has vanished during the show but if you layed Rough Copy to be eliminated as advised, the market has moved nicely in your direction.


  1. Green on both Luke and Nick here, but really need Nick to stay due to other investments.

    Agree with your sentiments re: TPTB, blatant and disgraceful treatment.

    • Rob

      Ghastly stuff, Gav. I would now love to see Nick go on to win as the anti-XF winner, regardless of trading position.

      • Steady now, Rob.

        • eurovicious

          I didn’t watch but just reading about Nick being reduced to tears and Louis going “STOP CRYING” at him – just like happened with Abi – gets me all in a tizz. That man is a colostomy bag with a face and I’d happily kick the shit out of him. Or to put it another way, I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire but I would if he were drowning.

          Scots contestants have had consistently terrible treatment since the Jai McDowall thing. Jade Richards keeps having the door slammed in her face, last year we only had Melanie, and this year their treatment of Nick – adorable, grounded and supremely talented – has been begrudging in the extreme. Look at his slots: 2, 3, 4, 7, 3, 7 (pimp), 1, 1, 2/1. Ridiculous. Now look at RC’s: 12 (pimp), 10, 1, 5, 6, 4, 4, 5 (pimp), 4/3 (shared pimp). I suspect they only put Nick through as some sort of deal with STV or to try and retain Scots viewers. Irish acts haven’t fared much better what with the treatment of Janet Devlin and Melanie McCabe, not to mention (of Irish heritage) Chris Maloney. Meanwhile Jahmene, Hannah, Tamera and RC were all given every help. Perhaps it’s to do with a London-centric mentality among the showmakers or the demographic they’re trying to market to. Similarly, we only had 2 contestants from the north this year, Abi and Luke. Abi’s treatment speaks for itself, and Luke’s northernness (he’s from Yorkshire and has only lived in Devon for 4 years) has been actively covered up. An appeal for “everyone in Yorkshire” or “everyone in the north” (cf. Ella) to pick up the phone would bring in a ton more votes than “everyone in Devon”, FFS. As a Twitter friend from Devon commented, “a lot of people in Devon are at the age where lifting the phone is no longer a viable option.”

  2. Kevin

    Perhaps this is all to prevent Nick winning as opposed to making the final.

    • Rob

      I get that impression, Kevin, & have felt this has been the strategy series-long.

      • Kevin

        On Luke to go and it looks on I think. The dark overlord has demanded Rough Copy in the final, hence the Singoff as they expect Luke to out poll them. Manipulation is alive and well. Thats my reading of it anyway.

  3. steve

    Good article as ever Rob it is sad when as gamblers, we have to completely ignore talent and adjust our books to the producers intentions. Rough Copy 11/10 to 8/1 tells its own story. Like others I guess I backed Nick each way pre show and have spent the past two weeks covering my position. I dont think its the brand thats broken its the arrogance of the production team that is killing the programm.

    • Rob

      I agree Steve. Total arrogance. They absolutely ruined this series going back to the 12 they took to the lives.

  4. Henry VIII

    “I would now love to see Nick go on to win as the anti-XF winner”. My sentiments exactly. I agree with all, just one little thing – “Louis surprisingly requests votes from Scotland” – maybe not surprising, as they’re largely going to vote for him anyway Louis is probably just trying to alienate non-Scots.

    At least if Nick does get through they are less likely to be so blatant in the final eg laughing at him. The editor switching to Louis and Sharon laughing during Nick’s discomfort is a natural thing for a live TV editor to do. However it’s not in their interests and he may have got a talking to from the evil machine afterwards.

  5. zoomraker

    luke & rc b2 for me
    luke to go

  6. Jay

    I managed to back Luke at 2.7 early in the week and have added to that today and covered with the Luke vs Nik b2. I think they will find it hard to vote Nik off even if he in the b2 vs Luke. Sharon has made her stance on b2 for a third time very clear. Really feel bad for Nik he’s having to watch a wannabe Diva storm up and down a stage being told she’s perfect when he is by far the better singer!

  7. Jay

    I’m fuming. They’ve had to keep Luke to divide nicks vote. Scandalous. That’s a disgrace

    • Rob

      Sorry to hear that, Jay. Think a few fingers got burnt tonight. I was never convinced RC were a lock to go through, & felt deadlock was highly likely – as I pointed out to Boki.

      • Fingers burnt here too. Had zero cover on RC. Good week elsewhere though.

        I can see why they kept Luke and I reckon it was a reaction to Nick’s PV tonight.

  8. Kevin

    Judges were as shocked as i have ever seen. Louis did not even feign a celebration, which is incredible in the context of it. Did Sharon bottle it?

    • Rob

      Sums up the shambles this series has been. RC were dire in the sing-off again & Sharon had been lauding Luke for weeks. Noticeable Sharon was not there at the end of the show.

  9. Jay

    Why bother having the sing off if they wanted the bottom voted off the whole treatment of Luke and rough yesterday seeme destined to put Luke bottom of the vote…… Doesn’t make sense. What happened today wasn’t what was planne from last nights show.

    • Kevin

      Good point, i guess the only tangible theory is that as Gavster says Nick’s vote was that good it made them change their strategy. I think the shock on judges faces was genuine but as it would have been a late call they may not have known, only Sharon would have needed to. If Sharon Osborne did bottle it she wont be around next year so that might be an indication. Cowell may be incessant with rage if all the effort put into Rough Copy has been undermined by her.

      • Rob

        I speculated in my article that they might keep Luke in to dampen Nick’s vote in the final.

        If you had backed Luke for elim at 2-1 or 7-4, the approach here would always be to ‘green up’ when you can lay as cheaply as 1.1 in a sing-off & tonight showed why that is a wise strategy in the long-term.

  10. Jay

    Lesson learnt, should have locked my money in at 1.06 on was probably the most certain I’ve ever been going into a deadlock.
    My last hope for this year is for Nick to win now or wait for a good opportunity to lay my big green on him. I wonder if it had anything to do with one direction being on in the final and wanting Luke to sing with them?

    • Rob

      It can be an expensive lesson, Jay. Been there in the past & why I am very risk averse these days.

      This Tweet from the D.Star guy says a lot about Nick’s treatment in the final – reminds me of the Maloney stories last year the Syco machine gave the press about no-one wanting to sing with Chris in the final:


      Nicole Scherzy is lined up to sing with Sam Bailey in the final. Gary with Rough Copy. Ellie Goulding with Luke. Nicholas not sure

  11. Jay

    Well I started to give up on Nicholas winning when they announced Michael Buble was performing tonight. He was the obvious choice to sing with Nick

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