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The Grimes Twins, as predicted, have rapidly become the story of X Factor 2009. Their performance of Britney Spears ‘Oops, I did it again’ was a reality tv moment of post-modern brilliance.
It was also good news for John and Edward that Cheryl Cole got her dig in at the end of Sunday’s show about Rikki Loney being a better performer than them. This sort of comment is sure to add thousands more votes to the growing Grimes juggernaut.
We suggested you back them at 66s. Still available at 50s ew, we wouldn’t put you off going in again because we expect the Grimes to be around for a good while yet, and it’s quite feasible they could end up making the last three.
Looking ahead, we feel confident they will negotiate the next three weeks with relative ease. So the bet to have is 4-1 with SkyBet they are eliminated in week 6 or 7, and 9-1 week 8 or 9. That way, come week 6 you can kick back on the sofa safe in the knowledge you have locked down a healthy profit on the lovable (from a betting perspective) Irish duo regardless of how it plays out from that point on.
Looking at this week’s elimination it’s not rocket science to see how vulnerable Rachel is. It’s big band week and unless the judges put her on last, and ramp her performance to the ceiling, it’s probably just a question of who will join her in the bottom 2. Pre-show it’s impossible to call because so much comes down to song choices and how the judging panel, particularly Cowell, sees fit to indoctrinate the viewers at home – we’re still picking up the pieces of our shattered jaws after his ‘That was incredible’ comment regarding Cheryl Cole’s performance. All we can suggest is making hay on the Grimes continued presence in the show by laying them on Betfair’s elimination and bottom 2 markets at the shortest odds you can muster.
Rob Furber

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