Wagner’s X Factor Symphony In Lay Major

Oct 19, 2010 by

Katie Waissel sang beautifully again last Saturday while Wagner also marches on and is rapidly developing into the entertainment factor in this year’s competition.

Unlike Jedward last year, he has it in him to secure votes from young and old alike. He actually sings reasonably well and is a great showman. It would go against the ethos of the whole show to lose him yet, as his continued presence, much like Ann Widdecombe in Strictly, adds that extra ingredient to the overall mix, and guarantees lots of media coverage.

Early rumours suggest Wagner could be singing Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ this Saturday which has the potential to be an avant garde triumph. We would highly recommend laying him on Betfair, not only for 5th elimination at anything below 4-1, but better yet, to be in the Bottom Three, as you can lay him at odds on as of today.

With Belle Amie being in the Bottom Three last week but saving themselves in the sing-off, we would expect them to get a bounce, and a ramp, and possibly a decent draw in the running order, so we also rate them a lay on the 5th elimination at anything below 4-1, and the Bottom Three market at anything odds on.

We think the vulnerable acts are far more likely to be among Paije, John, Treyc, and even one of the high profile acts, perceived as potential Outright winners, could be sucked into the Bottom Three – most likely Aiden and possibly even Rebecca. You sense the show is ‘due’ a shock elimination.

Katie might also drop into the Bottom Three if she doesn’t get the fanfare and is given the wrong song, but while we think she will be safe, and avoid the Bottom Three, we wouldn’t recommend a lay.

Stick to laying Belle Amie and, even more so, Wagner, as a YouTube clip of him being lauded by Stephen Fry is rapidly turning into a viral sensation, and is certainly aiding his profile, and likely to push his public vote up this weekend.
Rob Furber

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