Rocking The Rucner

Apr 10, 2016 by

One thing you have to keep reminding yourself when attending the big pre-ESC gig at Melkweg in Amsterdam; it is a lion’s den of...

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Does Anyone Know, Serhat?

Mar 25, 2016 by

Finally, and after much delay, we have now heard all 43 songs heading to Stockholm. There will still be a few tweaks to some of the...

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The Poles Are Coming!

Feb 23, 2016 by

A month is a long time during Eurovision high season and much has changed since the first ESC 2016 round-up posted back on January...

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ESC 2016 Subscription Offer

Jan 21, 2016 by

Eurovision 2016 season is starting to get into full swing, and the good news is Betfair has been busy opening markets on some of the...

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Amsterdam ESC Concert Review

Apr 6, 2014 by

Did the Melkweg gig inform us of very much this year? Yes. Firstly, that Aram MP3 is persona non grata among some sections of the ESC...

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